Whether it is possible to build load bearing walls of foam concrete

Whether it is possible to build load bearing walls of foam concrete

In the modern construction market there is huge amount of the materials intended for construction of houses. Foam-concrete blocks have high strength and excellent insulating qualities thanks to what are used in construction of partitions, the base and load bearing walls.

It is a little about load bearing walls

Those walls which form the main framework of construction are called bearing. Loading from roof, partitions, overlappings and curb weight is the share of them. That is why as materials strong products have to be applied to construction of load bearing walls. For these purposes it is possible to use brick, ceramic blocks, foam concrete, tree. The foam-concrete wall is capable to take out loading of plates and curb weight. At the same time density of material has to be D600. For big constructions density will be more: D800 or D1200. Thanks to the ease, blocks are used as heater and for filling of monolithic frameworks.

Why foam concrete blocks?

The foam mortar is artificial stone which differs:

- bigger thickness, in comparison with brick; - high fire resistance; - in walls it is easier to do channels for engineering systems of foam concrete block; - comparative low cost of material; - possibility of construction of buildings on any type of soil. But along with it it should be noted some minuses. Walls from foam concrete blocks need obligatory protection.

Requirements imposed to load bearing walls

Load bearing walls have to be durable, strong and reliable. Walls from foam concrete completely comply with all technical requirements and are suitable for individual low construction. Concrete blocks thanks to the small sizes allow to design walls of any configuration which are not subject to either rotting, or influence of moisture or wreckers. The foam mortar has honeycomb and therefore blocks from frothed concrete have good heat-insulating properties. The foam-concrete wall up to 30 cm thick does not need additional warming, and sound-proof indicators at foam concrete blocks are several times higher, than at other materials, including brick. Wooden houses are much more eco-friendly, but in respect of fire resistance, walls from foam concrete are capable to keep the initial bearing capacities after influence of high temperatures. In big country houses there is stagnation of air masses. Thanks to such property as vapor permeability, in the house the optimum microclimate, but in difference from wooden house will be created, houses from mineral raw materials do not decay, do not burn, do not razmokat in water. The size of foam-concrete blocks allows to accelerate speed of construction many times. For example, 15 standard bricks are the share of one standard block. As for the price of products, identical volume of concrete blocks costs 1.5 - 2 times cheaper than ceramic bricks.

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