How to remove bags and hypostases under eyes

How to remove bags and hypostases under eyes

Puffiness and swellings under eyes – the frequent problem familiar practically to each person. So-called bags under eyes appear usually in the mornings. Before beginning fight against them, it is necessary to find out the reason of their education, hypostases can signal about availability of serious problems with health.

Most often hypostases under eyes are consequence of improper feeding or way of life. The most frequent reasons of their emergence – the use of large amount of salt or water for the night, chronic sleep debt, problems with nervous system or diseases of kidneys. There is one more reason concerning only women – abuse of decorative cosmetics and the wrong clarification of skin before going to bed.

It is possible to remove bags under eyes and house conditions. The easiest and widespread way – tea compress. For its preparation make strong tea. It is better if it is not from bags, and sheet or granulated. Pay attention: in tea there should not be aromatic or flavoring additives! Completely cool the made drink (it is possible to send it to the fridge), impregnate soft fabric or cotton pads with solution and put on eyes. You hold fifteen minutes. There are enough two procedures and hypostases under eyes completely will disappear.

One more popular and available product for removal of hypostases under eyes – potatoes. Clean tubers, cut on small circles and put them fresh cut on edematous area. Leave for half an hour, then wash cool water. The fresh cucumber has the same effect. Apply gruel from this vegetable on swellings, wait fifteen minutes and wash away. After these procedures do not use creams or lotions, they minimize influence of fresh vegetables and hypostases will return again.

The strongest folk remedy from hypostases under eyes fresh greens of parsley by right are considered. Crush it to condition of gruel. Surely you remember hands that fresh juice has gone. Mix the made parsley with small amount of sour cream and apply on lower eyelids. Wait ten-twenty minutes. If the swelling small, it disappears from the first application. If necessary repeat the procedure two times.

Often to remove bags under eyes, recommend to use ice. Cosmetologists and doctors disagree about efficiency of this procedure. On the one hand, ice narrows vessels, strengthens blood-groove and circulation of liquid in places of its congestion, and with another – strongly cools thin eyelid skin. Overcooling can lead to appearance of diseases of eyes, for example, acute purulent inflammation of hair sack of eyelash (or barley).

Many people, trying to remove bags under eyes, begin independent intake of diuretic drugs and medicines. It is not recommended to do it. If swellings under eyes disturb you quite often, surely see doctor. The expert will help to reveal problems with health and will pick up necessary course of treatment.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team