How to make rack for children's toys?

How to make rack for children's toys?

If toys have no place, they begin to come across literally continually. Box where dolls lie mixed up with cubes and plasticine – not the best option. It is the best of all to place inhabitants of toy corner in beautiful rack that it was convenient to child and to get them from shelves and to put there. It is possible to make such rack also.

Requirements to children's rack

The rack for children's toys should not be too high. The little owner has to reach from floor the topmost shelf that it was not necessary to get on stool or table. In rack there have to be several sections – for machines or dolls, construction material, animals, board games, books, objects for molding and drawing. The rack has to be strong, beautiful, and, above all – safe. It is better to refuse glass inserts and big mirrors till time when the child grows up.


It is possible to make self-made rack of thick plywood, chipboard and even couple of big cardboard boxes. If you choose plywood or chipboard, boards will be necessary for shelves (or pieces of the same plywood if it rather thick), metal corners, screws or screws, paint or self-adhesive film, joiner's and measuring tools. Production of rack from cardboard boxes will require a lot of paper (best of all – two-three of rolls of old wall-paper), PVA glue, self-adhesive film.

If you are going to paint plywood rack, choose the most normal oil paint.

Plywood rack

In spite of the fact that chipboard as furniture material is very popular now, after all it is better to do children's rack of thick plywood. It will consist of several parts: - box with back wall; - regiments; - partitions between regiments. For back wall it is possible to choose the wooden or plastic board suitable by the size. It is better that the children's rack was put directly on floor. Legs are not necessary. If you after all want that between the lower shelf and floor there was some distance, it is possible to put rack on 3-4 bars of identical thickness.

Length of bars has to correspond to box width.

Assembly procedure

Cut 2 identical boards for sidewalls and 2 – for "floor" and "ceiling". They need to be marked and so that marks for shelves were strictly opposite, as well as for partitions. Sidewalls fasten to "floor" and "ceiling" by means of metal corners and screws. Elements of fixture can be bought in any household or hardware store. It is the best of all to nail up back wall, but it is possible and to fasten. Regiments and partitions also attach metal corners. If the child has large construction material, on the lower shelf of partitions it is better not to put. Below also the toy garage can be located. The rack can be painted, varnished, pasted over with film or to paint.

Regiments can and be pasted, but for this purpose in sidewalls it is better to make for them small deepenings.

Cardboard rack

If the child has no big heavy toys, the rack can be made of couple of identical cardboard boxes. Accurately cut off them so that have received two absolutely identical boxes. It is better to strengthen sidewalls, top and bottom, having glued with several layers of paper. Stick together boxes together sides that two sections have turned out. Regiments are made too of several layers of paper which needs to be impregnated with glue properly. If to stick together regiments thickness at least in 1 cm, they will turn out not less strong at all, than from plywood. In box of shelf and partition are pasted. The rack can be pasted over with colored self-adhesive film.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team