How to make up lower eyelid

How to make up lower eyelid

approach make-up of eyes of the woman extremely seriously, the slightest error in it can affect negatively appearance in general. It is possible or is impossible to make up lower eyelid? This question is often asked by the very young girls who only have begun to use cosmetics.

It is required to you

  • - shadows;
  • - pencils;
  • - cosmetic brushes;
  • - ink.


  1. The make-up which will suit any woman just does not exist. Each representative of fine half of mankind looks for option, ideal for herself by long tests and mistakes. For this purpose it is necessary to try different cosmetics, to experiment with colors, textures and technology of drawing. Makeup artists, in turn, make the general recommendations about technology of drawing make-up, and to them it is possible and it is necessary to listen. And specialists in make-up consider that without eyeliner of lower eyelid, the make-up will not always be finished.
  2. If you have widely placed eyes, makeup artists recommend to make up them as follows. Apply neutral shadows on mobile upper eyelid and carefully shade them. Then take small amount of shadows of more saturated color on brush and put them on upper part of century, is closer to nose bridge. Shade these shadows towards temples. Run several times finger or brush over border of two types of shadows that it became imperceptible. Under eyelashes, bring lower eyelid bright, but not dark, pencil. The line of eyeliner should not overstep the bounds of eye. In the last turn paint over eyelash ink. Try that in internal corners of eyes of eyelash have turned out a little more darkly. At such way of drawing make-up of eye will seem is closer to nose bridge.
  3. At big and prominent eyes it is possible to try other way of drawing shadows and eyeliner. On upper eyelid along eyelashes carry out by eyeliner or pencil the line. It has to become is wider to outer edge of eye. On mobile eyelid put dark shadows and shade them towards eyebrows. Bring lower eyelid dark, but not black pencil. The line has to begin from the middle of eye and go to its external corner.
  4. Some girls bring dark pencil inside of lower eyelid to gain effect of "cat's eye". And makeup artists recommend to use white pencil in this place to increase eyes. These two councils are inapplicable for those who have eyes too sensitive. By means of dark shadows or pencil it is possible to gain "east" effect. For this purpose completely circle with them eyes. But the eyeliner of lower eyelid is slightly shaded light shadows.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team