How to make ventilation system in country house

How to make ventilation system in country house

Correctly organized ventilation is of great importance for maintenance of optimum parameters of microclimate in the house. It can be natural and artificial. The combination of both options is optimum.

Natural ventilation

Natural ventilation assumes air exchange without any equipment (fans, filters, air heaters). It is possible to make natural ventilation in country house in the form of ventilating ducts and rational airing. At the same time channels do vertical and have in that room of the house which is the dirtiest from the hygienic point of view (in the bathroom, in kitchen).

Channels have to come to roof. They are necessary for extract of the polluted air which moves under the influence of pulling force from below up. In case the house has several floors, then it is reasonable to do several additional channels higher than 1 floor that there was optimum exchange.

To carry out ventilating ducts, choose the place for ventilating box. Then do opening, it has to be more pipe. By means of the perforator cut out it. After that take out material and clean opening. The channel needs to be removed up, the pipe is stacked and pressurize slots. Inflow of clean air will be organized through windows, door openings. In case windows are hermetic, then will organize the incoming valves which regulate intake of air.

Artificial ventilation

Artificial ventilation, unlike simple airing, assumes use of the equipment. The supply and exhaust ventilation with recovery of heat is most often applied. It is characterized by the fact that the cold air coming outside to the house partially heats up exhaust. To make such ventilation, the heater, fans, air ducts is required. The basic element is the system which is turning on the heat exchanger, filters, management personnel, fans. The block it is possible to have on the attic. From the block it is necessary to establish 2 air ducts: exhaust and the incoming. Through the first polluted air is removed from rooms and comes to the deflector on roof. From the street clean air arrives, it goes to the block, and then to all rooms of the house. During the cold period these years 2 streams meet and clean, cold air heats up. It is possible to make pipe for intake of air and underground at depth of 1.5-2 meters. Forced-air and exhaust mechanical ventilation is the most optimum for country house as it ensures continuous air exchange and its functioning it is possible to regulate.

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