How to make walls

How to make walls

Construction of country house does not suffer vanity. Selection of material for construction of its walls will depend on the main destination of the house. Traditionally houses build of tree. If it is the summer option intended for giving, then also stud or panel board walls quite will descend, but if you are going to spend long time there, then walls from bar or logs will be just right.


1. Walls from the dressed log with a diameter of 180-250 mm collect at the plant. For this purpose they are squared, shkurit, stacked in wreaths, connecting by cuttings in corners. That all design has gained necessary rigidity, logs connect thorns on two, or stitch metal couplers in all floor height. That between logs gaps did not appear, they are stacked at each other pripazovyvy, that is, putting each new log on previous the groove which is cut down from below. Also wreaths lay tow. If the log is calibrated, that is it has been given cylindricity, then it is possible to use at each other when laying logs rolled linen fiber. It significantly reduces time expenditure by construction of felling.

2. Stacked walls do of material which has special profile. The bar is the same calibrated log, only not cylindrical, but rectangular shape. It accelerates and simplifies assembly, but the house not becomes cheaper. The house is under construction of integral bar to similarly timbered. The glued bar consists of several boards 4-5 cm thick, dried and connected by waterproof glue. Boards in bar connect so that the direction of rings was opposite each other. Buckling of the bar is so excluded. The glued bar is done with groove from above and crest from below at once, so bars strongly connect with each other, and tow at the same time does not need to be used. If to cover timbered or stacked wall outside with thermal insulation, and then to sheathe siding, then heatlosses will sharply decrease. In such house it will be warm both in the summer and in the winter.

3. Panel board walls gather from frame boards 1 high the floor and 2 meters wide. The board represents the block from the bar-shaped framework filled with mineral wool boards and sheathed outside by eaves boards over which establish vinyl siding, and from within sheathe eurolining. Boards on binding which is done of the bar with a section of 100-150 mm laid on the continuous or column footing through waterproofing are established. Joints of boards are caulked or filled in with polyurethane foam. Logs for overlappings cut in bindings top and lower, laying floorboards. Frame houses cannot be done higher than 2 floors and by more than 180 sq.m.

4. Stud walls collect from the racks fixed by means of the top and lower binding from assembly boards with a section up to 200 mm and with step to 40-60 cm. The distance between them is normal do, proceeding from the sizes of heat-insulating plates. Mats of thermal insulation can be kamyshytovy, mineral-cotton, steklovatny. The inside of framework becomes covered by vapor barrier which does not allow water time to get from within the room in wall. Inside the framework is covered with gypsum cardboard or lining. Outside surely the framework is covered with moisture resistant plywood which performs wind-shelter function.

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