How to make workbench

How to make workbench

The workbench is integral part of good house workshop. Without it it is very difficult to make sound joiner's products. The main requirements imposed to workbench – to be massive and rigid. These qualities provide the accuracy requirement of production of parts and quality at the subsequent assembly and finishing of finished product. Well made workbench can serve belief and the truth not to one generation of masters.

It is required to you

  • - wooden bars,
  • - boards;
  • - fastening elements;
  • - plane;
  • - metal couplers;
  • - tools for work with wood;
  • - joiner's glue;
  • - drying oil;
  • - varnish.


1. Understand for yourself workbench design. Usually it consists of table-top, underframe, clamping device (or even of several).

2. Gather table-top from twenty boards of 50х100х2000 mm in size. In the fifth and sixteenth boards choose grooves of 25х25 mm in size for emphasis. Take step between grooves 250 mm. Grooves have to be made so that to interfere with fall of emphasis in workbench.

3. Connect boards among themselves the glue intended for wood pasting, using the metal couplers with a diameter about 10 mm passing through the openings drilled in boards. Previously plane adherend surfaces of boards.

4. After drying table-top carefully to prostrugayta for providing flat surface. After usykhaniye of wood make additional covering of nuts on metal couplers.

5. Make legs for workbench of bars of 100х100х800 mm in size. In front legs do grooves for installation of support brackets. Brackets will fasten to the ledger board used when processing door cloths or faces of window frames.

6. Execute framework of underframe from two frames, having attached them to legs. The boards with a section of 50х100 mm connected "in thorn" will be suitable for frames. Cut frames in legs on depth of 25 mm and connect to legs by means of bolts. Sheathe the lower frame from above veneer sheet 10 mm thick.

7. For giving to workbench of additional rigidity attach to it one back and two sidewalls. Make walls of plywood 10 mm thick or the sheet chipboard. In the left part of workbench make locker with door.

8. Attach table-top to the top frame by means of bolts which screw up in in advance drilled openings. Drown heads of bolts to slots that they did not act over the table-top plane.

9. Manufacture the miter box of strips of plywood 20 mm thick – the device for sawing up of preparations under the fixed corners. Fix the miter box on workbench by means of the stoppers established in table-top openings.

10. Impregnate the made workbench with drying oil and cover with oil varnish.

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