How to otsiklevat parquet

How to otsiklevat parquet

Parquet floors are very beautiful, but eventually they need such operation as scraping - wood can grow old or be deformed, on it slots and dark stains appear. At some skill it is possible to execute this operation independently.

It is required to you

  • - nazhdachka;
  • - varnish;
  • - machine for grinding.


1. Prepare floor for finishing. Remove completely plinth the room. Moisten with warm water floor surface – the more waters, the better.

2. Begin to remove the damaged wood layer – do it by sharply ground scraper. Carry out movements from the middle of the room to walls. At first you carry out the scraper in the direct direction, then in the return. Carry out movements along tree fibers. Periodically sharpen working surface of the tool. It gives the chance to remove wood more even and thin layer.

3. Putty small slots. Further grind floor surface. Apply for this purpose abrasive paper on fabric basis – with such material it will be more convenient. It is possible to work with it so: take wooden bar, attach to it on the one hand the handle, and on another attach nazhdachka. Such bars can be fixed standing that considerably facilitates work. Grinding most often is required to be carried out repeatedly.

4. Tidy up on floor. Sweep away dust and remove dirt, for reliability it is better to remove wood particles by means of the vacuum cleaner. Wash the floor as it is possible more purely, better if it is made at least few times.

5. Begin putting varnish on parquet. Large numbers should not be used, otherwise when performing the next scraping it will be required to remove thick varnish coats and wood. Tsiklevshchiki-professionaly advise after the first layer is put, to wait for its full drying and once again to grind floor surface, and then again to put varnish coat.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team