How to pick up interior of the apartment

How to pick up interior of the apartment

The design of rooms has to be executed in one art direction, and all elements — harmoniously to be combined among themselves. Selecting interior for the apartment, it is necessary to consider taste, habits, way of life, character of residents and also the sizes and features of planning, the location of the house and its age. But the main thing that the person felt comfortably.

1. Choose apartment interior according to your way of life. You should not chase mode: it constantly changes, and the design of the room will remain for a long time, and you should live in it. Therefore try to evaluate objectively life, considering all real facts. For example, if many people, including children live in the apartment, it is undesirable to choose minimalist style and ascetic situation. In the house where there is small child, it is difficult to implement interior hi-tech: it is impossible to put glass furniture, to use metal elements or objects with sharp angles. If there are pets, upholstered furniture should not be light, and floor covering — carpet. Consider these features since the interior first of all needs to be chosen, proceeding from practicality reasons.

2. Think what colors are pleasant you what style seems to the most attractive. Look through magazines about design, look how rooms at acquaintances are issued. Interior — personal space therefore it needs to be equipped so that it was cozy to residents. Learn about preferences of other family members. If they disperse, try to compromise.

3. If it is difficult to select interior according to taste, try to be guided by the character. Family and quiet people love style of country, and active, sports and unpredictable choose modernist style. The creative, extraordinary person will like to live in the Gothic apartment. Introverts prefer to be in minimalist situation with technocracy elements. Classic style — sure bet in many cases, it shows aspiration of the person to harmony with the world. The temperament affects preferences in design too: sanguine persons love light interiors in modern style, it is desirable for choleric persons to choose quiet and cool shades and straight lines.

4. Consider the location and age of the house in which there is apartment. In old houses with high ceilings, stucco molding, patten fencings of ladders in the stairwell and ancient windows the modern interior will look strange. Also do not forget about other characteristics of the apartment: if windows come to the South, it is undesirable to use bright paints in design, otherwise it will hurt the eyes. Planning and the sizes can prompt the decision too: the Japanese style with minimalist situation, low furniture and sliding walls is suitable for several small rooms, and spacious light rooms look good in classic style.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team