What is necessary for kindergartens

What is necessary for kindergartens

Sending the child to kindergarten, parents hope for the full leaving meeting all sanitary and pedagogical standards. If your kid greedily tells every evening about that, how was your day, and hurries to meet friends in the morning, you were inexpressibly lucky. But except attentive staff there are also certain conditions for existence of kindergarten which to parents it would be quite good their nobility.

Most often, groups are formed till 10-15 people though on sanitary standards the complete set to 25 children is possible. Respectively, the kindergarten can contain from 1 to 5 age groups. If the number of children does not exceed 100 people, the garden can be located on the ground two floors of any public and residential building. Otherwise it will require the certain room. Near the building of kindergarten there has to be located closed from strangers the site with platforms on number of groups. Also on the site the sports platform, sandboxes with clean sand, benches for rest and various green plantings is desirable. Around the territory belonging to kindergarten the protection in the form of a fence is necessary.

The premises of kindergarten have to be surely equipped with a separate toilet and a shower. For nursery pots by the number of children are provided. Each child has to have at the order a separate locker for storage of street, sports and spare clothes and also a berth with bedding. Clothes and personal belongings of personnel at the same time are stored is isolated. Whenever possible, the kindergarten is equipped with laundry and drying rooms. The contract with the independent organizations for regular washing of bed linen, towels, curtains, etc. is otherwise signed. Also the kindergarten has to be equipped with own autonomous boiler house.

For bigger safety the marches of flights of ladders are fenced with lattices. At windows of the second floor if that is available, the lattices which are not spoiling a general view of the building are also necessary. Walls of rooms are painted in light quiet tone, and a ceiling only in white color. It is necessary in order that nervous system of the child was not overloaded. A floor has to be laid by a parquet or linoleum with the minimum possibility of sliding. Groups are equipped with cases for toys, tables and stools for creative and preparatory classes. Hypoallergenic houseplants for creation of the pleasant atmosphere are desirable. All wires and sockets have to be reliably hided in special boxes and are supplied with caps. Use of additional electric devices of heating is not forbidden, but has to be made only under supervision of adult personnel of kindergarten. Regular airing and maintenance of optimum temperature indoors (18-20 degrees Celsius) are obligatory. For respect for purity the cleaning of rooms in kindergarten is made daily, a bed and table linen change 1 time in 10 days, tableware is washed by special means after each meal. You watch over health of your child, regularly visit kindergarten personally to make sure of respect for sanitary and hygienic norms. Trust the intuition and more often listen to stories by the kid about what is created in a garden. And if in your soul doubts creep in, try to dispel them communication with the management of kindergarten.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team