How to pickle seeds in potassium permanganate

How to pickle seeds in potassium permanganate

Today among gardeners by the simplest and most popular method of processing of seeds etchback is considered their potassium permanganate. It is possible to explain it with the fact that solution of margantsovokisly potassium possesses enough broad spectrum of activity.


1. Of course, etchback of seeds permanganate of potassium cannot guarantee full disinfecting as solution is not capable to influence infection which is located in seed. But, despite this liquid quite effectively copes with other types of problems connected with garden seedling.

2. It should be noted that it is necessary to carry out etchback of seeds only at the room temperature. Besides it is very important after processing properly them to wash out under flowing cold water. As for solution, for separate seeds certain margantsovokisly mix is prepared. As a rule, there are two types of the modes of processing. In the first case 1% solution of potassium permanganate is used. Such mode most of all is suitable for such seeds: - celery; - tomato; - corn; - salad; - onions. Besides it can also be applied to bean cultures.

3. In the second mode 2% solution most of which of all is suitable for such species of seeds is used: - carrots; - cabbage; - pepper; - eggplant; - fennel. Also such solution can be used for seeds of pumpkin culture.

4. It should be noted that for achievement of beneficial effect it is necessary to prepare solution of margantsovokisly potassium correctly. Today there are two ways of preparation, namely with weighing and without it. The method of weighing is applied to industrial processing when the initial material is measured by dozens of grams, and seeds - tons.

5. Of course, most often use method during which weighing is not carried out. To prepare 2% solution of margantsovokisly potassium it is necessary to dilute potassium permanganate teaspoon in two incomplete glasses of warm water. As for 1% solution, in this case it is necessary to pour in the same amount of mix in the capacity which comprises three glasses of water.

6. As a rule, after preparation, solution has to have dark color and quite stiff consistency. It is caused by the fact that such means will be able to protect seeds from possible infection most effectively. However pay attention that excessively dense solution can burn seed which will become fruitless.

7. It is convenient to place seeds in solution in gauze bag, in it it is possible them and to wash out. The term of influence has to be no more than 20 minutes, and the rule works: the exchange of seed is less, the less it is necessary for time. After washing the seeds need to be stretched on linen fabric, otherwise there is risk that they will rot.

8. It is also worth noting that the high level of disinfecting cannot be reached in case seeds have stuck together with each other. Therefore it is very important to watch this aspect during this action. In those situations when seeds nevertheless have stuck together them it is necessary to grind accurately hands. It is necessary to perform such procedure before submerging them in solution.

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