How to place constructions on the site

How to place constructions on the site

Dimensions of all buildings depend on the size of the site. If the site small, it is important to use each its corner. At design of the site it is necessary to define correctly the place for the house and farm buildings. Stop the attention on compact option. It will give the chance to break flower beds, to create recreation area and to place constructions.


1. Carry out the analysis of the territory. Plan arrangement of its functional zones: inhabited, economic, recreation areas. The arrangement of cottage on the site defines the place of all other constructions. Stop when choosing on the project with the southern orientation of buildings. It will provide to rooms and recreation area abundance of sunlight. Design garage and main entrance to the house from North side of the site. Entrance on the site - from main entrance. Plan garage in one block with farm buildings (workshop, the shed). This most convenient placement of the subsidiary buildings which are not demanding a lot of light. Not to occupy the earth, arrange entrance to garage from the street.

2. Leave the coziest part of the territory for recreation area. Use landscape advantages of the site: trees, streamlet, roughnesses. Establish gazebo closer to the house and decorate it with climbers. Place domestic constructions so that to be covered from neighbour's looks and to create visibility of privacy. Put the summer kitchen dead wall towards neighbors. Place bath or sauna closer to water source.

3. Place the greenhouse and flower beds on sunny side of the site so that they lasted from the West on the East. Compost platforms and holes - nearby, but at side border of the site. If you support animals or birds, open-air cages will be in this zone too. Toilet remove from the house on distance not less than 15 meters. But between buildings in your territory and border with neighbors the distance has to be not less than 7.5 meters. Find the place for the doghouse. If the territory allows, make for dog the long open-air cage along all fence. When planning well, plan its placement far away from compost heaps and toilet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team