How to plant celery seedling in January

How to plant celery seedling in January

The celery – nutritious vegetable culture, belongs to grassy sort of umbellate plants. Vegetable contains large amount of vitamins, has saturated taste, is widely applied in cookery as seasoning, used for preparation of salads and is appetizing vegetable additive in soups. The celery very long "ripens" therefore to prepare for crops to the open ground, it is necessary in advance. How to plant celery seedling in January to what subtleties it is necessary to pay attention?

There are three types of celery – sheet, root and petiolar. In food everything is good – root, leaves and juicy stalk. Large amount of minerals contains plants: calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, potassium, and such vitamins as A, E, C, B, PP, beta carotene. Properties of celery have beneficial effect on organism – the plant removes toxins, cholesterol and excess liquid, normalizes functioning of pancreas, at the expense of low calories is excellent means for weight loss, increases male inclination, stimulates potency. To have useful vegetable on the kitchen garden – joy for any, even beginner, the gardener. Here only growth period at celery slow – to receive quality product, it is necessary to take care of seedling long before spring.

Preparation of seeds, crops

Celery seeds very dense on the structure. That the sprout has arisen, not less than a month will be required. Before buying the pleasant grade, study packing – to be glad to rich harvest, it is better to stop the choice on large-fruited, early ripening varieties (which full maturing up to 150 days). Begin to prepare forms for seedling last week of January, or the beginning of February (depends on what is written on packing).

The earth from the garden site (collected in advance even in the fall) or bought, is prepared two days prior to crops. Flavored with humus or small sand, the earth is filled up in convenient, not strongly deep box (from under juice or cake), processed, it is abundant having watered with hot boiled water with manganese addition. Seeds scald boiled water, ret for day in weak manganic solution.

Seeds have to be fresh (no more than one year), and the firm checked for example "Aelit", Gavrish. After soaking, properly, dry future celery, and put in the paved way: before it it is abundant water the earth and grooves.

The distance of one sunflower seed from another should not be less than 5-7 cm. It is possible not to cover celery with the soil, or to make very thin, hardly noticeable top layer (that the seed arose easier).

To create artificial moisture, cover boxes with food wrap, opening only for watering. Water boring by means of the hand sprayer, exclusively warm water. The soil always has to be slightly damp.

You watch temperature – after the first shoots, remove food wrap. It has to become indoors slightly more cool (17 degrees), before emergence of sprouts (25 degrees). If is too hot, boring will grow long, will become thinner. If many seeds have arisen, remove the sickliest part. That boring has turned out strong, did not fall on one side, they need to be put under solar lamp. It is necessary to transplant on separate pots when small stalks completely get stronger, leaflets (not less than 3 pieces) will appear.

Disembarkation to the open ground

Approximately on May 15, seedling is planted in the created, friable bed with ashes addition. Before disembarkation, it is necessary to be verified with weather forecast – very important that warm weather stood a week more after sprouts appear in the soil. Keep distance of plants from each other not less than 25-30 cm (for future growth). Do not plant seeds too deeply – fruits will turn out branchy, ugly. To create greenhouse effect, cover bed with polyethylene film till first summer days. Watering has to be abundant and frequent, fertilizers are added in 14 days after planting of seedling and 21 more day later.

Harvesting comes out for September or the middle of October. It is impossible to pull out celery as carrots. Not to damage gentle thin skin, vegetables accurately root out pitchfork, hooking from all directions.

At observance of all rules, you will manage to achieve fertile and rich harvest. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team