How to plant orange

Cultivation of citrus in house conditions became fashionable a few years ago, and since then does not lose relevance. The most interesting cultivation of lemon or orange from stone is considered. To wait when there is sprout, and leaflets then shining, to expect blossoming, and even fruits – all this actually carries away outright. It is very important to put correctly and to look after competently plant in the first days and months.


1. Prepare pot and the earth. The pot for a start should not be big, even glasses from under yogurt will approach, it is only important to make openings in bottom. And here it is worth treating the earth very responsibly, it is not necessary to take what under hand has turned up. The earth for orange tree has to be rich with microelements, fertile, vlago- and air-permeable. In flower shops, ready soil for citrus is on sale. But it is possible to make suitable structure. For this purpose take 1 part of the sheet earth (in fact, it is the rerotting leaves, she is brought together under foliferous trees or in ravines of the deciduous wood), 1 part of the bank coarse sand which is carefully washed with flowing water, 1 part of humus and 3 parts of the cespitose earth (it is directly under grass sods, it is only necessary to choose from it backs).

2. At the bottom of pot arrange drainage from stones or haydite. Fill the earth.

3. Take stone (sunflower seed) of orange and put it in pot on depth of 2-2.5 cm. It is the best of all to put the "fresh" stone which is just taken from fruit. Slightly condense the earth with fingers and water warm boiled or filtered (or otstoyanny) with water.

4. Cover pot with transparent film. At you the mini-small greenery has turned out. Place it on windowsill. If it is South side, then cover from direct sunshine with the newspaper. In the evenings open small greenery for the purpose of airing. Approximately in 3 weeks the sprout has to appear. The plant loves the increased humidity therefore or its spryskivayta daily, or establish by row humidifier and include it from time to time. It is necessary to water orange as required, but not to fill in. In year replace in pot of the bigger size.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team