How to protect the apartment from burglars

How to protect the apartment from burglars

Burglaries - the frequent phenomenon therefore there is sense to secure the housing against thieves. A number of technical devices, such as can help with it: the systems of video surveillance, the alarm system, disturbing buttons, sensors of movements and also the alarm system with connection to the console of the security agency.

Outer doors

The qualitative outer door is considered one of the most effective remedies of protection of the dwelling against unauthorized penetration. Good and reliable outer doors have to possess a number of protective functions, namely:

- the cloth of doors has to open in outer end; - the door case has to be made of massive rolled iron;

- the frame to which the door fastens has to be made of the steel pipes or corners welded among themselves with section size more than 50х30х2 millimeters; - it will be best of all if as filler for doors the bar from strong breeds of wood acts; - locks have to be reinforced by hard-alloy vpayka for protection against cutting; - on doors it is necessary to put not less than two locks, and one of them has to be qualitative and expensive.

Door locks

Skilled thieves can find approach to any kind of locks, but than the lock is more reliable, more time is required that to the burglar for its opening and subjects more chances that the burglar will be caught red-handed or simply frightened off. From the most acceptable options against breaking high-quality locks of suvaldny or cylinder type will approach, and it is better if on door several locks, and different look are put. Also locks have to be protected by special bronenakladka from drilling and cutting. Now advanced armored doors in which crossbar of locks rotate on the axis thanks to what the thief will not manage to cut them any tool are made.

Electronic locks

The appeared in the market quite recently, electronic locks became the real fortress on the way to penetration into the apartment. If to pick the standard lock, the thief needs banal set of tools, then to cope with the electronic lock, the burglar has to have available expensive equipment and also considerable experience of similar thefts.

Video surveillance

Internal and external surveillance cameras are considered as effective way of protection of the dwelling against breaking. So, the camera seen for all, can frighten and stop the burglar. And if breaking after all has taken place, the surveillance camera will help further the investigation to find for the malefactor and to return property.

Motion sensors and penetrations

Such protection gears as motion sensors and penetrations, are very often applied to protection of supermarkets and shops. Established on doors or windows, they fix the slightest attempts of penetration into the room. If the thief after all managed to get into the dwelling, having bypassed external sensors, internal sensors of motion or heat will quickly transmit signal of penetration to the console of the security organization which representatives will quickly detain the criminal.

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