How to purify rust from pig-iron frying pan

How to purify rust from pig-iron frying pan

When favourite frying pans and other types of pig-iron ware have become covered with rust or it was partially formed on them, it is not necessary to hurry to throw out them. There are ways of purification of rust from pig-iron products with house simple means.

It is required to you

  • "Пемолюкс" or other cleaning powder, abrasive paper, metal sponge, salt, vegetable oil, rust solvent, at will laundry soap, baking soda, office glue.


1. Clean pig-iron frying pan with raid of rust Pemoluxy, then the metal brush for washing of ware, complete purification of rust with wiping of surface with abrasive paper of average fineness. For prevention of emergence of new rust and disinfection of ware fill in frying pan salt to the very top and well calcinate it on fire.

2. Purify rust with abrasive paper at first large (for example, the fifth size), then smaller degree of granularity (third). Now process ware rust solvent (is on sale in departments of household chemicals), following the instruction on packing of means. At strongly rusty frying pan repeat the procedure.

3. Men in working home tools will always have nozzle for drill with rigid metal pile. Clean accurately such brush rust from surface of ware and wash out it in hot water.

4. Bring frying pan in any car service where perform body works. Workers will clean with the special grinder which is available in such car showrooms ware and will even polish it. At home the frying pan should be calcinated in addition with salt on plate.

5. After rust cleaning arrange with abrasive paper or metal basts to pig-iron ware "bath". For this purpose in the big capacity where the frying pan will be located later, pour water, fill planed laundry soap, pour out pack of baking soda, pour packing of office glue. Put frying pan in this solution and you boil in it within one or two hours on slow fire. Clean ware under stream of warm water, washing away deposit from it bast. It will be washed away surprisingly easily. Such way cleans ware to its initial state.

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