How to grow up ginger root in house conditions?

How to grow up ginger root in house conditions?

The root of ginger is known for the useful and salutary properties since ancient times. The fresh root of ginger contains set of useful substances. It is not so difficult to grow up it in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • - ginger root;
  • - wide, superficial capacity for landing;
  • - earth mix for cultivation of vegetables.


1. Choose fresh root of ginger. The root has to be smooth, not strongly fibrous and dense to the touch. The thin skin has to be with light gloss. On surface it is possible to notice small kidneys. These are indicators of freshness and high quality root of ginger.

2. Even if you did not manage to choose ginger root with the best indicators, it is possible to use slightly dried up root. To intensify growth of kidneys, it needs to be placed in warm water at several o'clock.

3. Place root of ginger horizontally, having turned kidneys up, in wide, superficial capacity for cultivation. Width of capacity is extremely important for growth of root of ginger.

4. Choose the earth fertile, suitable for cultivation of vegetables. Powder ginger root so that the upper kidneys have been covered with the earth only on couple of centimeters.

5. In the course of growth of root of ginger the good drainage of the soil is necessary. Choose the room light and warm. Air has to be humid. Watering by moderate. At fall of temperature the watering is recommended to be reduced, at increase - to watch that the earth has not dried up.

6. Ginger begins to blossom approximately in year. On the end of blossoming the leaves and stalk dry up. During this period it is necessary to reap crop. The root is taken from the earth and cleaned from roots and stalks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team