How to put arrows

How to put arrows

and beautifully used eye shadow does look juicy, sensual and sexual. For this purpose it is necessary to choose only correctly weapon and to learn to draw arrows.


  1. For a start decide on type of eyeliner which happens several types: pencil, liquid eyeliner, creamy eyeliner, eyeliner – felt-tip pen and liquid shadows. What you will give preference to – solve, but as you still the beginner in this case, use pencil for eyes.
  2. Having picked up eyeliner, be trained to draw arrows at first on paper, having drawn eyes and having put eyeliner in the form of arrows.
  3. You can draw arrows differently: or from internal corner of eyes or from the middle of eye. Besides, you can facilitate to yourself task, having placed eyeliner several points on contour of upper eyelid, and then having connected to one line.
  4. Prepare the place for drawing make-up, it has to be well lit. Near mirror provide support for elbow, so it will be easier for you to put arrows.
  5. Begin better with the thin line as in this case it is much easier for wider to make arrow, than to adjust wide dabs. You draw line on growth of eyelashes, so you will create effect of dense eyelashes.
  6. When drawing arrow of eyes you hold half-open that you could notice possible roughnesses.
  7. Not to give to eyes sadly lowered look, always direct tips of arrows up. Ideal option will be if each arrow prolongs kind of the line of the lower eyelashes, rising up.
  8. Keep in mind that the black eyeliner visually does eyes less. Therefore if you the owner of small eyes, do arrows as it is possible more thinly. If you have absolutely small eyes, refuse classical black eyeliner, use better light pencil which is capable to increase eyes visually.
  9. If you have round bulging eyes, the thin eyeliner is contraindicated to you, it is better to draw wide arrows, having a little shaded them for creation of smoky effect.
  10. Thin black arrows in the eyes are perfectly combined with red or cherry lipstick, and wide – with lipstick of neutral or light shades.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team