How to remove greasy spots

How to remove greasy spots

You do not hurry to tear to rags or to throw out favourite thing on which the greasy spot has appeared. He can be brought by means of make-shifts which for certain are available at your place. And than earlier you attack to disposal of greasy spot, subjects you have more chances again to put on favourite thing.

It is required to you

  • - tissues;
  • - white fabric;
  • - plate;
  • - the purified gasoline;
  • - cotton tampons;
  • - powder;
  • - ammonia solution;
  • - turpentine;
  • - chalk;
  • - blotting paper.


1. Before starting removal of greasy spot, it is necessary to clean properly product from dust, at first with dry, and then damp brush. Enclose tissues or plate which is previously fitted by white cloth under fabric. Begin to process spot from inner side. Any means for removal of greasy spots should be tried at first on less noticeable site of matter. Be especially careful with synthetic and color fabrics.

2. Gasoline by right is considered excellent means for removal of greasy spots. Moisten cotton tampon in gasoline (which is intended for lighters) and rub around spot, so you will be able to prevent formation of stains. Further begin to influence spot from the center to edges. If the tampon is strongly polluted, replace it. After this procedure wash product in warm water with powder addition. If necessary you can repeat the procedure again.

3. The old greasy spot can be removed by means of the mix of turpentine and ammonia solution mixed in equal proportions. Wipe greasy spot with the cotton tampon, the wetted in the prepared structure. Leave product at several o'clock and then carefully wash in warm soapsuds. The ammonia solution is quite economic and simple means thanks to which it is possible to cope not only with greasy spots, but also old traces from coffee, blood and rust.

4. Fresh greasy spots can be removed if at once to fill up the site of fabric with chalk powder. Leave chalk for four hours that it could incorporate all pollution. Then remove it, having stirred up product. In case of need repeat the procedure again. Still it is possible to remove fresh greasy spots, having ironed fabric the heated iron through five layers of the blotting paper enclosed with front and inside of product.

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