How to remove horse-radish from kitchen garden

How to remove horse-radish from kitchen garden

Horse-radish is one of the most popular cultures and is cultivated on kitchen garden practically at each summer resident. This plant is quite unpretentious and frost-resistant that provides it good survivability. At the same time horse-radish has amazing ability to fill with itself all site. Usually it occurs if when cleaning its roots in the earth there are small shoots and parts of rhizome. If your kitchen garden gets littered all with new bushes of horse-radish every year, it is necessary to take urgent measures for its eradication.

  • - pitchfork;
  • - roofing material;
  • - black plastic bags;
  • - herbicides;
  • - long needle;
  • - secateurs;
  • - potash or table salt;
  • - seeds of perennials.

1. It is possible to make it, having removed its roots from the earth. However it is not necessary to use shovel as its keen edges will split up rhizome for digging-up of the site, and the plant will appear again. For careful cleaning of kitchen garden take pitchfork for digging. Thrust them to the location of roots of horse-radish and pull out bush from the soil. You carry out this procedure in the spring when horse-radish leaves only appear, and the earth rather damp and friable. It is necessary to make redigging regularly as new sprouts get out. This way is directed to gradual exhaustion of rhizome of horse-radish and the subsequent its dying off.

2. Rather reliable method of fight against horse-radish is the svetoizolyation of young sprouts of plant. For this purpose in the early spring densely cover the sites filled with horse-radish, lightproof material. It is possible to use roofing material or big plastic bags of black color. The horse-radish deprived of solar energy perishes pretty fast. The bulk of bushes will disappear within one flight season.

3. It is possible to fight against undesirable plantings by means of chemicals. Cut off secateurs leaves of horse-radish and long sharp needle make deep opening in its root. Fill space in rhizome with the concentrated herbicide solution (for example, raundapy) which will destroy plant. Not less effective remedies in removal of horse-radish are ammonium nitrate, potash and table salt. Apply 10-15 g of substance on the cut-off part of horse-radish, and the bush will begin to die off.

4. If it is necessary to exempt from horse-radish very big area, sow it long-term grass (the clover or lucerne perfectly will approach). She will create good shadowing which does not transfer horse-radish. The majority of its shoots will disappear independently, remove the sprouted bushes manually by means of pitchfork.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team