How to remove unpleasant smell the apartment

How to remove unpleasant smell the apartment

The smells pleasant and not really, surround the person during all his life. It is natural that we enjoy pleasant smells, and we try to get rid of unpleasant as soon as possible. How quickly to remove appeared unpleasant smell in the apartment? There are several effective ways, having used which you easily will return the favorable atmosphere in your house.

It is required to you

  • Sacks with filler from herbs, disinfecting solution, zest of lemon or orange, coffee beans, frying pan, vanilla, capacity, cotton ball


1. For a start establish source of unpleasant smell. If you have found reeking object, immediately get rid of it. Carefully wash up the place of pollution, open all windows and doors and arrange good draft. After a while the smell will disappear.

2. If the smell became settled and does not disappear, get in shop sacks with filler from herbs. Hang out them on all apartment. In half an hour the pleasant smell will extend on all room, and you will forget about persuasive stench.

3. If the fetid odor goes from kitchen, then carefully wash it disinfecting solution. It will help to kill the microbes extending harmful smells. Then take zest of lemon or orange and rub with it all working surfaces.

4. The smell of the fried coffee beans for a long time will fill your house with pleasant aroma. Buy pack of not fried coffee beans in shop. Well heat frying pan and pour out pack contents. Fry grains before darkening. The coffee aroma is very steady and will fill with itself all room.

5. The formed unpleasant smell in the fridge can be eliminated by means of folk remedy. At first you will throw out all spoiled products. Then carefully wash up the fridge.

6. At the next stage prepare water solution with vanilla or coffee. In proportion 1:1. Take cotton ball and it is abundant moisten it in solution. Pick up suitable capacity and place the wetted ball there. Put capacity on the top shelf of the fridge. In couple of days the smell will disappear.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team