How to repair door opening

How to repair door opening

Need under repair of door opening, as a rule, arises after dismantling old and installations of new door assembly. Selection of material for finishing more depends on the location of aperture and type of the established door.

It is required to you

  • - Cement;
  • - sand;
  • - gypsum cardboard;
  • - profile for HL;
  • - plastic panels;
  • - wooden board;
  • - masonry paint.


1. Dismantle old door assembly. Having armed with nail-catcher, remove old platbands. Clean gap between door opening and old door. Having removed door cloth, make two through cross on door case has spent on drink. By means of scrap take all four parts of old box and break out the top bar. Clean door opening from heater and sealant. Now it is possible to mount new door assembly.

2. Further work on registration of aperture will depend on what door is established. For aperture with the simple iron door deprived of any delicacy make cement screed. Dissolve cement with sand and accurately apply mix on apertures by means of trowel. For several days leave solution to dry. Then paint over aperture masonry paint on acrylic basis.

3. If you have established expensive door with interior and external finish, use other methods of registration of aperture. If it leaves deep into on 13-17 mm that meets quite often, use gypsum cardboard for creation of decorative coat. Make all necessary measurements.

4. Simple pencil transfer geometry and configuration to the sheet of gypsum cardboard. From face side of cloth do cut and break it on bend. Surely consider width and height of door opening.

5. Take profile for mounting of gypsum plasterboards of 60х27 in size. Fix two profiles by means of plaster mix on door opening. After installation of the first profile measure identical width on all perimeter and record the second. You apply plaster mix on aperture and press guides, exposing them on level. In end of this stage to primazhta the attached profiles plaster in several places.

6. Fasten the cut fragments of HL to profile on all perimeter of aperture. If plain surfaces, then it is possible to put gypsum cardboard on glue, passing use of profiles.

7. It is also possible to trim aperture with plastic. At first mount the top and lower slopes, using for this purpose boards. At the same time the top element establish 3-4 mm below than the level of the most door case. Fill in free space with polyurethane foam and attach plastic sheets to slopes. Finish finishing by attachment of decorative plastic corner.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team