How to repair the soldering iron

How to repair the soldering iron

The soldering iron is necessary in any economy. It is used both for repair of electric devices, and for connection among themselves of various metal parts. If the soldering iron has failed, it is not always required to get new. Sometimes it is enough to repair of it, having restored working capacity. Most often repair of palnik assumes replacement of heating coil.

It is required to you

  • - ceramic resistance of PEV-10;
  • - asbestos thread;
  • - combination pliers;
  • - sharp knife.


1. For example it is enough to consider the sequence of actions at repair of the 40 W electric soldering iron calculated on voltage of 220 V. For replacement of faulty heating coil prepare the ceramic resistance of PEV-10 type with the face value from 1.0 to 1.5 kOhm. The opening located in the center of the resistor has diameter which the soldering tip easily enters, at the same time additional adjustment is not required.

2. Remove the old fused heating coil. On the body from longitudinal weld execute cross has spent on drink approximately to the middle. Recede from edge on 40 mm. Now unroll the sawn-through parties of tube and cut off corners of the formed slot. It is required to avoid contact of the body with resistance conclusions.

3. Enclose resistance which will perform function of heating coil in the slot. Unbend body lobes, having surrounded with them the slot and fix by means of collet.

4. Now it is necessary to connect to the updated heating coil of supply lead. Cut off about 150-200 mm of isolation from electric cord. Usually standard cord has double isolation of veins which needs to be removed.

5. Densely wind the released ends of wire on all length with asbestos thread - round to round. Such thread can be taken, for example, from faulty electrohot-water bottle. Stretch the ends of wire isolated by thread via channels of the handle and connect to conclusions of new heating coil. For convenience of mounting of leg of the resistor bend, insert previously smoothed out tip of wire in curved part and press out combination pliers.

6. Isolate conclusions of the heater the same asbestos thread, having densely reeled up their round to round. Wires have to be laid so that they did not adjoin to the body. Repeatedly wind both conductors with thread, having fastened them together. Collect the handle. Now the repaired soldering iron is ready to work again.

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