How to replace the electric power counter

How to replace the electric power counter

Systems of accounting of the electric power are obliged to be in each apartment, the house, or the non-residential premise. If your house is recently put in operation that to you worries there is nothing, electric meters are installed new sample. But, and if you become populated to the apartment about 15-20 years ago, then respectively the energy metering device at you old and needs replacement. How to organize replacement of the counter read below.

1. First of all, before replacement of the old equipment by new, it is necessary to buy the energy metering device. In large number they are provided in shops, the trading home appliances. Counters are several types – individual room and all-house, and are divided into electronic and mechanical. If you the homeowner in multifamily house is necessary to you the first type of the electric device if you live in the certain house the second.

2. All counters have to be certified and licensed. The seller has to report such documents to you after you have bought the device. If they are not, then it will not be registered in power supply networks.

3. After purchase address to department of accounting and power distribution of your city or the area. There you need to write the application for change of the counter and statement it on accounting, to pay the state fee for providing service. Then you discuss from experts date and time of visit of the controller for check of the new equipment.

4. Usually power supervision gives to the owner 2-3 days on installation of the device. Therefore well it is necessary to start dismantling of the old counter as soon as possible. If you have knowledge and can install by abilities the counter if is not present – to call the electrician

5. Services in replacement of electric devices carry out various organizations – ZhEU, DEZy, power supervision, the private companies. Respectively and the prices at them differ. Having rung round everything, you will be able to find more acceptable option.

6. After replacement by the new metering device, old it is not necessary to throw out, at least before arrival of the controller. As he will write down the previous indications and new then he will make recalculation.

7. When the employee of the electrocompany to him the check about service payment, and also certified documents comes. If everything is established according to the state industry standard, then there will be seal of the device. It will take literally 5-10 minutes. Then your electric meter is officially accepted on control.

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