How to replace waste pipe

How to replace waste pipe

In internal sewerage system of the house waste pipes are used. On such non-pressure outflow pipe water from all strut flows down. The waste pipe also connects sewerage drain to the atmosphere, giving air flow in system. Replacement of old pipe on new can be carried out both within the apartment, and throughout strut.

1. Make dismantling of system of the old sewerage. As a rule, today concrete-coated waste iron pipes have already become obsolete and demand replacement by plastic products. However be careful. Consult with experts to establish whether replacement of part of pig-iron strut by plastic will lead to strength reduction of all system of the sewerage of the house. Having disconnected strut, consistently disconnect constructive parts.

2. Begin mounting of new waste pipe with the lower rigid point, that is with the main strut. If it is about installation or replacement of the sewerage in country house, begin mounting from point where the base begins. Drill openings in load-carrying structures and establish new pipe, having attached it collars. After installation of plumbing bring waste branch to toilet bowl.

3. In certain cases waste sewage pipes are difficult to be connected among themselves. To facilitate occurrence of mating rings, grease them previously with silicone or liquid soap. Silicone, unlike soap, condenses connection better, but will demand additional efforts in case of dismantling.

4. Use exclusively metal collars when mounting waste pipe. It will provide durability and reliability of design and also will allow to choose possible deviations from the line of marking which happen at assembly of pipe. The pin of standard metal collar has the convenient screw structure doing possible quite precise adjustment of the connected elements.

5. By means of mineral plate or polyurethane foam execute sound insulation of waste system. Polyurethane foam is more plain in application, but will not allow to dismantle if necessary design and to bring together her again after prochistny audit. However, at the device of simple house system of the sewerage such seal "tightly" does not constitute danger.

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