How to save azalea

How to save azalea

Room azaleas - very whimsical plants. And, not to allow flower disease, trembling care for it, constant observation of condition of plant and the environment surrounding it is required.


1. Correctly take care of flower. It is the best way to prevent it diseases and invasion of wreckers. The azalea loves cool. Ambient air temperature should not exceed +18 degrees. You hold flower on the closed loggia in the fall and in the winter until temperature falls up to +5 degrees. If there is no opportunity to reduce ambient air temperature, impose the earth in pot with ice pieces. The soil has to be constantly damp as the azalea is plant of tropical climate. But you watch that the earth in pot did not become wet. The air temperature is lower, the less often there have to be waterings, and sprayings at low temperatures should be stopped in general. Than temperature is higher, that sprayings and watering have to be more often. If the earth in pot has dried up, radical measures are required: submerge pot in water until the earth becomes impregnated with moisture. After such procedure resume watering in 2-3 days. Water plant with well otstoyanny water, and it is better rain, thawed or distilled. Exclude bright lighting. The azalea does not love direct sunshine. You hold it at northern and northwest windows or near window better.

2. If leaves of your azalea have become covered by the small decoloured spots, examine bottom side of leaf. Most likely, you will find brownish eggs of insects there. It is rododendronovy bug - one of the most frequent wreckers meeting on azaleas. Length is it 3.6 mm. For fight against the wrecker spray plant with diazinon.

3. If leaves of your plant began to be deformed and bent, most likely, you will find near it mealy scale. Females of this insect motionless, wingless, and males have one pair of wings. They settle on young sprouts, young leaves and buds of azalea and exhaust from them juice. For fight against this wrecker spray plant with carbophos.

4. If leaves of azalea of steel of brown color also fall down, and on plant there was spider line, look for web tick. This insect up to 0.5 centimeters in size of red or yellowish coloring, very mobile, has up to eight legs. Spray plant with diazinon.

5. If leaves of your plant become faded green, then faded gray and fall down, and top kidneys grow brown and die off, then the plant is infected with such disease as phytophthora. It is root decay which develops in humid warm environment and strikes usually young backs. Spray azalea with 0.4% oxychloride of copper.

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