How to seal up window for the winter

How to seal up window for the winter

The Russian frosts and especially winds force people to seal up windows for the winter. There are many old ways of pasting of windows. With the advent of new materials it became perhaps more reliable to warm the house and to increase temperature of the placement by several degrees.

Ways of pasting of windows

Before starting pasting of windows, it is necessary to check possible places from where can blow. It can be slots between frame and box, between frames, glass and frame. Also often blows from under windowsill. It is necessary to solve in what way of warming to use, and then to stock up with all necessary materials and the tool.

The easiest way which was used and in former years – to stop up slots with cotton wool by means of knife, to cut from paper of strip, to soap them and to paste on frames. With approach of heat paper can be unstuck easily, having moistened it with water. This way seal up wooden windows. Instead of cotton wool also use rags or foam rubber, and from above paste not paper, but fabric. For example, cut old sheet on strips and glue them on kefir or on soap.

It is possible for the same purpose from above to stick tape for windows (painting adhesive tape) and if slots big – from joints of frames to put foam rubber.

Before pasting over windows, the frame needs to be degreased alcohol-containing liquid, for example vodka, and then it is good to dry it the hair dryer, otherwise the adhesive tape will come unstuck from frame.

Even more simply – to stop up all slots with plastic bags, only them will be necessary much. Well warms the room the polyethylene film laid between frames on all volume of window, but it worsens visibility. The easy way is to lay in slot the old newspapers contracted into tubule previously having wetted them warm water. To stamp properly.

Lack of warming by means of newspapers is that after winter it is necessary to paint windows anew.

Advantages of modern ways of pasting of windows

Silicone sealant well is suitable for warming of windows. For this purpose it is necessary to remove fillets, then to apply sealant with thin layer in grooves between glass and frame, in frame slot and also between frame and windowsill. To apply sealant, use special construction gun. When sealant stiffens, excess silicone is removed with knife or the palette. After that establish fillets. Also well putty which is on sale in household shops protects windows from blowing off. One packing is enough for one window. Putty is externally similar to gray plasticine. It is kneaded in hands and close up all slots. Having hardened, putty becomes dense and does not pass air. But this work is tiresome and demands great patience. The most reliable and durable way is warming of windows by means of the rubberized sealant. He is three types which differ on thickness: "Е" (2-3.5 mm), "Д" (3-8 mm), "Р" (3-5.5 mm). Sealant of category "P" is suitable both for plastic, and for wooden windows, size "E" is applied to plastic, and "Д" - only to wooden windows. Advantage of use of rubber sealant is the simplicity of performance of work on warming and its durability. It also differs from foam rubber in what does not absorb moisture. Also apply special glue which close up all slots and joints to warming of plastic windows. It white color therefore it is not visible against the background of white frames of plastic window. But during the work with it it is necessary to observe certain safety precautions.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team