What the loggia differs from balcony in

What the loggia differs from balcony in

Differences between loggia and balcony are obvious: externally the balcony supports house perimeter, the loggia is in the building. In valuation of the apartment the availability of any given addition to premises has big role - the loggia is appreciated above.

Presently you will not surprise anybody with the apartment with balcony any more, often in their modern new buildings happens even two in one apartment. Many hostesses use balconies as extra seats for storage of various things. More modern people find application for space for expansion of living space and place the additional room on the balcony.

But sometimes, telling balcony, the loggia is meant though can seem to much that there is no difference and. However if you are going to sell the real estate, then availability of loggia, but not balcony will significantly change the cost of your apartment. So, than loggias differ from balcony?

External differences

The balcony comes from the word "beam" and represents the space near window protected on perimeter by protection.

The loggia in literal translation from Italian means "gazebo", and its main difference from balcony is that she does not act from the house, and is kind of in it.

The loggia has main walls and ceiling that at balcony is not observed. The loggia is considered more reliable design than balcony and can maintain much bigger weight loadings. Both the balcony, and loggia initially have neither heating, nor lighting, but if desired all this can be completed most.

Distinctions on the area

Depending on the fact that you have loggia or balcony the cost of your apartment will be estimated. It depends on the area as at balcony and at loggia it is considered differently.

The area of loggia is calculated with lowering on 0.5 coefficient, and the area of balcony with lowering on 0.3.

Usually in apartments standard balconies and loggias meet, but there can be also their versions: 1. The French balcony – this look has no area and represents the small fenced ledge outside of large window. It is most often used as decorative element.2. Verandah – kind of the balcony which is located on perimeter of all wall. Most often it is used at construction of country housing.3. The balcony loggia - universal design as part it is in the building, and part acts. If you have balcony loggia, then determination of the area requires the help of the expert. So, in what differences of loggia and balcony consist: 1. The balcony supports perimeter, and the loggia is inside. 2. The loggia has walls and ceiling, and the balcony does not. 3. Various options when calculating the area of loggia and balcony.

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