How to seat trees

How to seat trees

Trees take seats in the early spring or late fall. If in the spring, then after snow thawing, but before swelling of kidneys. If in the fall, then after foliage has fallen down, but to the first frosts. Plants cannot be replaced during active growth which lasts since the end of April and to the middle of July.


1. During the active vegetative period it is impossible to transplant trees for one simple reason: plants evaporate water through foliage, and receive it through root system. At change the root system will be anyway broken, and foliage will still evaporate the same amount of water, as before change. As a result – plant dehydration.

2. The root system at change should be kept as much as possible. The you will dig out bigger lump of the earth together with roots, the high probability not to lose tree. But all reasonably, of course.

3. If at the time of change during the autumn period on tree the foliage has still remained, tear off it - it superfluous, and will do more harm for the reason stated above.

4. At change the trees should be oriented strictly on parts of the world the same as they grew in the same place. It is possible to replace trees with naked root system, but in this case the time spent of roots for air has to be minimum that roots have not managed to dry.

5. To transport the trees prepared for change if their root system is deprived of protection of earth lump, follows in wet holshchevy rag. But as fast as possible.

6. Choosing the space for landing of tree, it is necessary to consider features of the replaced trees. Foliferous trees badly transfer shadow while coniferous trees in shadow feel perfectly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team