How to secure the house

How to secure the house

As far as any given person was poor or rich, always in its dwelling there will be tidbit for "thieves burglars". And silly to believe that the superstrong iron door for 100% will be able to protect housing from malefactors. To secure the house and to minimize possibility of robbery, his residents need to follow some rules.


1. Be circumspect in the choice of friends and do not say too much to a little familiar people. You watch that around your child suspicious persons did not turn, "burglars" can learn about the "wealth" which is in the apartment and from your children, and from your acquaintances, and even from your neighbors.

2. If you have learned that you in your house have robbedof apartment, do not hurry to change old door for expensive armored. Such actions you will only show to thieves that in your house to eat than profit. It is better old doors leave on the place, and behind them establish new, more reliable. The outer door should not look brightly.

3. On windows of the first floor it is better to establish grids, especially if near them the gas pipe or emergency stairs is located. Cut high trees under windows that thieves had no opportunity to make the way to your apartment with their help. Besides, inhabitants of the first floor are recommended to curtain off densely windows to avoid foreign inquisitive glances.

4. Leaving for a long time the city, create imitation of presence in the apartment of residents: leave included in the radio receiver, light in corridor. There are special devices imitating the conversation, bark of dog which are periodically switching on and off light. If you quite often go to business trips, to the family or friends, seriously think of acquisition of such device.

5. Ask neighbors to take away all correspondence from your mailbox. The letter, the newspapers, magazines and leaflets which have lain in it couple of days can tell thieves about your absence.

6. Equip the house with the independent alarm system. The loud signal which was distributed in attempt of penetration into housing as practice shows, excellently frightens off malefactors.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team