How to sew cover for mattress

How to sew cover for mattress

The cover for mattress is thing extremely functional. It preserves expensive product against pollution and wear, and can sometimes serve even as decoration of interior. Patterns of mattress cover are different – from bag in the form of the extended pillowcase before the work complicated by decorative elements. It is the simplest to beginner to sew cover for mattress on elastic drawstring which will allow to record well it on berth.

  • - Cut of fabric or sheet;
  • - sartorial meter;
  • - scissors;
  • - threads and needle;
  • - sewing machine
  • - overlok (as necessary;;
  • - elastic band;
  • - pin for threading of elastic band;
  • - iron.

1. Pick up suitable fabric for tailoring of mattress cover depending on its assignment. For example, for orthopedic mattress on children's bed it is possible to pick up furniture upholstery fabric – in the afternoon the berth will turn into additional game zone. For air mattress it is recommended to do cover of tarpaulin which will save product from fast wear and small punctures. At last, in the bedroom, fabric of any coloring and structure will be appropriate; it is possible to use even old sheet.

2. Make necessary measurements of future cover. For its tailoring it is necessary to learn width, thickness and length of this mattress. The pattern will consist of five elements: the main part (it is length of mattress plus its width) and four sides in the head, legs and on each side (become according to the measured product thickness).

3. Transfer the received measurements to working fabric and plan on it the main part of mattress cover. If the size of linen cut allows, then sides can be executed in look podgibok. On mattress of big size it is necessary to do sshivny parts. For decorative mattress cover it is possible to combine cloths of different color gamma. In this case it is recommended to execute basis in one color (perhaps, in tone to other parts of woven interior of the room); for side parts of product use fabric partner.

4. Cut out product parts on the planned lines extremely accurately, sharp sartorial scissors, at the same time do not forget to leave rather wide allowances for extreme seams. Calculate them, proceeding from width of specific elastic band drawstring: the podgibka has to be bent twice, then across its region there will pass the line. The elastic tape has to be stretched freely on back edge of mattress cover.

5. Process cover parts for mattress in such sequence: - stitch four fillet welds of product on the sewing machine, having connected sides to basis; - process seams on overloka or manually; - wrap free edges of cloth. That the accurate line of bend was formed, carry out on it by nail edge; - carefully iron seams and make line on edge of podgibka, having left the place for threading of elastic band.

6. You needed only to pass elastic tape in ready cover for mattress and to strong record its edges. Now the product can be put on and removed with ease from mattress before washing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team