How to starch tulle

How to starch tulle

At the real hostesses in the house everything has to be ideal. This and ironed linen, both hand-knitted napkins, and the starched cloths and tulle. All this creates cosiness and festive mood in the house. But not all know how it is correct to starch things, first of all tulle.

1. The starched things give solemnity to situation. In addition, they have excellent exterior keeps form longer, are rumpled and become soiled less. Naturally, not all linen should be starched. For example, you should not do it with underwear or bedding as they cease to pass air. And here cloths, napkins, collars and cups of blouses and also tulle will not do without starch.

2. There are several ways of starching: soft, average and rigid. For soft podkrakhmalivaniye take 1 tsp of starch on water liter. In such a way starch dresses and blouses. At average podkrakhmalivaniye 2 tsps of starch on water liter there are enough. At first stir starch in small amount of cold water, then pour in it in the boiling water. Do not forget all the time to stir slowly solution that there were no clots. It is a little more – about 2 tablespoons, it is required for rigid starching. The starched things need to be wrung out and turned in fabric. When ironing they have to be damp. But before ironing, spread out things on table and wipe them with rag. Thus, you will be able evenly to distribute starch and to remove its surplus.

3. Tulle is usually starched softly. For this purpose it is necessary to prepare solution in the form of paste. So, take 2 tablespoons of starch and stir in small amount of cold water. Add hot water to this solution and warm up it until transparent starched paste turns out. At the same time it is necessary to stir slowly continuously paste that at you it was not formed lumps. If it did not manage to be avoided, filter the received paste through strainer or gauze. After that add the necessary amount of cold water in solution and carefully stir. Lower in it things approximately for half an hour. Then wring out tulle, slightly dry and iron still damp.

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