How to store bulbs of gladioluses

How to store bulbs of gladioluses

Gladioluses - beautiful flowers from sort of klubnelukovichny plants. Africa is considered the homeland of gladiolus, also they grow in tropical and subtropical forests of the Mediterranean, in the countries of Central Europe, Asia. Are widely cultivated in midland of Russia where grow up gladioluses by means of bulbs which annually dig out and store. The safety of planting stock depends on the correct terms of cleaning and preparation for storage of bulbs.

It is required to you

  • - shovel or pitchfork;
  • - wood or plywood deck;
  • - sharp knife or scissors;
  • - wooden or cardboard boxes.


1. Dig out bulbous tubers in dry weather in 30 days after blossomingof gladioluses or their cut. Each grade is subject to cleaning in different terms as the periods of blossoming can vary. Early grades blossom for 50-60 days earlier, than late therefore also you make cleaning of bulbs after they have faded. If you have carried out mass cut of flowers, then dig out bulbs in 30 days. For such period there is full ripening of bulbous tubers at any grade.

2. At dark colors of gladioluses, such as cherry, burgundy, violet, blood-red and also lilac, bulbous tubers grow ripe for 7 days after end of the period of blossoming or mass cut earlier. Therefore you make their cleaning not in 30 days, and in 23 days as overexposure in the earth leads to fungal defeats and rotting, that is it will be worse to be stored planting stock. The last dig out bulbs which have grown from put klubnepochek.

3. Dig out bulbs pitchfork or shovel. From all tubers shake the soil. Remove the material which all has begun to rot, damaged. Spread out bulbs on wooden flooring or plywood. Sharp knife or scissors cut off stalks, having left 2 cm, cut off roots, separate old bulbous tuber from which the gladiolus grew. If you cannot separate it at once, then put all material under canopy in one layer and in 15 days repeat removal.

4. Before drying wash out all material under flowing water, disinfect in weak solution of potassium permanganate or solution of chlorofos, having added 20 g to 10 liters of water. After 15-day drying under canopy bring all bulbous tubers in the heated room. If frosts or wet weather have begun, then you carry out drying indoors.

5. Sort all bulbous tubers on grades, put in wooden boxes or cardboard boxes. You store at temperature of +5-7 degrees in the dry and dark room. During the winter you examine material, delete all begun to rot and spoiled bulbs.

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