How to twirl screw if the thread on hat is erased

How to twirl screw if the thread on hat is erased

Reliability and functional performance of designs depend first of all on quality of materials and fastening elements. The more attention to pay to fastenings, the also the construction will be more durable. For the simplest constructions most often use such fastening elements as screws and self-tapping screws.

Screws represent fasteners which are capable both to accelerate and to simplify mounting of the fixed materials. They can be applied to fastenings on metal or wooden blank, and with the supplementing elements even to such materials as brick or concrete. In comparison with nails, for example, they provide more reliable connections. The convenience and reliability in use have caused that screws belong to some of the most widespread elements used at fixture.

Why the screw can be unsuitable to use

It would seem, there is nothing more simply in use, than screws. On its hat there is slit, that is cross or crosswise groove. Into this groove the suitable screwdriver bit then the screw can be twisted – for example, is inserted into wooden board. But even such reliable and simple elements sometimes fail. At one of the screws prepared for work it can be erased thread on hat – because of production defect or because earlier this element was already used.

If at the previous screwing of screw its metal was softer, than the screwdriver bit, thread can be broken. So it turns out when it is necessary to twist with effort.

Of course, it is the best of all to remove the spoiled screw far away, and instead of it to twist normal. But if such exit is for some reason or other impossible, there are several options of twisting of screw with the erased slit.

As it is possible to twist screw with the washed hat

At the remained remains of slit it is possible to try to twist screw through thick rubber. The piece of inner tube will approach – we impose it on screw, from above we press the screw-driver and with pressing we roll screw. It is possible just to hammer, for example, it the hammer – this option will be suitable for red-hot screws. It is possible to distinguish them from others on black color. Not red-hot screw sometimes manages to be turned by means of the new bat of high quality made of solid alloy – if it is able to be hooked for the remains of slit or will put pressure softer metal and will be able to press through opening, sufficient for work.

With sufficient length of screw it is possible to take it combination pliers and to twist with their help so far as soon as it is possible, and the rest to hammer as nail.

One more option is to nadpilit nozhevochny cloth head of screw and to insert flat blade screwdriver into the formed opening. If metal gives in to hacksaw, after sawing of groove you will be able easily to twirl screw. Such method is suitable for old screws of the Soviet production and modern which are released on the same technology – they have soft metal and quite moves to processing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team