How to warm facade polyfoam

How to warm facade polyfoam

Warming of facades of buildings polyfoam is considered classical way of warming of stone buildings. It provides the excellent level of heat-shielding and is perfect in terms of fire safety. However in exchange demands from performers of conscientious attitude to business and exact respect for technology.

It is required to you

  • - polyfoam plates;
  • - glue for polyfoam;
  • - primer for stone walls;
  • - socle With-shaped level;
  • - electric drill;
  • - mixing nozzle;
  • - dish (fungi) of dowel;
  • - solution tanks;
  • - armoring lattice;
  • - tool for construction and stucco work (scraper, the palette, the rule, kirochka, the roller and so forth).


1. Prepare wall. Clean it from dirt and flows of solution, eliminate by means of putty considerable roughnesses, progruntuyta with primer for stone surfaces (polimin AS-5 and so forth). At the increased absorbency of material of wall put two layers of primer.

2. On joint socle wall attach socle level. Its assignment consists in support of the lower number of insulating plates. Carry out fastening of levels dowels, previously drilling under them openings in wall. Do not forget to control horizontal position of levels.

3. Pour out in solution capacity glue for polyfoam (polimin, ceresit, etc.), add water in the quantity demanded by the instruction, well stir mix electric drill with mixing nozzle. Perform this work without hurrying, taking technology break if that is demanded by the instruction.

4. Apply with the palette glue mix on the sheet of polyfoam. At first glue is applied with continuous strip on perimeter (with derogation of 1-2 cm from edge), then keeps within locally in the form of 3-4 small groups in the center of the sheet. In the strip of glue located on perimeter several gaps for production of air are made of the center of plate.

5. Establish plate in bottom corner of wall by the long party in socle level and drive densely into the corner, slightly displacing at the same time in one, in other party. Check vertical position of surface and horizontal position of the long party of plate by means of level. Establish some more plates, being displaced on the wall up and aside. At installation of the subsequent ranks of plates provide the shift of their joint of rather previous row.

6. Fix the established plates by dish dowels. For this purpose drill in wall through body of plates of opening, watching that the drill went deep into wall not less than 40-50 mm, establish in openings of dowel and hammer their cores. Hats of dowels have to roll in polyfoam. To reduce expense of dowels, it is reasonable to establish them in joints between plates. Besides, one dowel has to be located in the center of plates.

7. After all wall is sheathed by polyfoam, apply on its surface glue strip with width a little bigger, than width of armoring lattice. Level glue the palette and the rule. Impose on glue armoring lattice and its prikatayta by means of the roller. Over grid put one more adhesive layer and level it similar to the first. Do this sequence of operations for all wall. After glue hardens, progruntuyta surface.

8. Final operation of warming of facade is its plastering. It is carried out by normal rules – drawing at first preliminary, then pokryvochny plaster coat. The warmed wall can be subjected to any kind of decorative plastering.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team