How to warm penthouse

How to warm penthouse

The attic-floor room can be used for the different purposes. For example, as warehouse for any stock, old things, etc. Also in penthouse it is possible to equip cozy housing, bar, the game room – options weight, it will only be necessary to warm this room correctly.

It is required to you

  • - money;
  • - insulating and finishing materials;
  • - fixture.


1. Study the different types of heaters presented at the market. When choosing consider distance between penthouse rafters, their thickness as the way of fastening of material will depend on it. Decide what isolation (external or external) will suit you more and what it has to be thickness. Besides, pay attention heat transfer coefficient and class of fire resistance of insulating material.

2. Before starting warming of attic-floor room, check condition of constructive parts (rafters, counterrails) and in case of need process them anti-septic tank as after isolation installation they will become for this purpose inaccessible.

3. Fill space between rafters heater. As thermal insulation material you can use plates from fiber glass or mineral wool. Do not forget to attach paroizolyatsionny material from the heated party of penthouse, for example aluminum foil. Thereby protect heater fibers from penetration of condensate into them. Among themselves connect insulating plates adhesive tape.

4. You will leave to Obyazyatelno air layer (not less than 25 mm) between heater and roof (in avoidance of its damage and rotting of constructive parts). Besides, on surface of thermal insulation which borders on ventilation space surely put layer of water-proof and wind-shelter material. It you keep heat-protective characteristics of design.

5. At the last stage of warming of penthouse close insulating materials gypsum plasterboards, panels from extruded polystyrene, lining, etc. This attach interior finish to feet of a rafter nails or brackets. If the distance between rafters is big - beat to them horizontal wooden bars to which then attach panels.

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