How to wash towels

How to wash towels

On kitchen towels permanent pollution most often appear. It is almost impossible to wash them on low temperature. To return former color to towels, it is necessary to use special means.

  • - powder;
  • - bleach;
  • - stain remover;
  • - hydrogen peroxide;
  • - soda.

1. White towels can be boiled. If on them big and resistant spots, previously wet products in warmish water with stain remover addition. In several hours boil them, having added powder and oxygen bleach to water. Carefully rinse towels, dry and iron.

2. Add to warm water hydrogen peroxide (2 tablespoons on liter). In solution wet towels for 5-8 hours, you can leave also for the night. Since morning surely wash. It is impossible to keep material in such solution too long, fabric can begin to spoil.

3. Apply cleaning agent for ware on spots. Leave for day, and then just wash. Usually after pretreatment pollution on fat basis completely are removed.

4. Terry towels cannot be boiled therefore just wet them in strong solution of powder (the dose of washing has to be twice higher, than it is recommended). Leave for the night, and since morning wash in the machine. From spots and other pollution there will be no trace left also if, of course, you used quality powder, it is desirable with optical whitening agent.

5. Add at each washing bleach for light towels or stain remover for color. And if hard water, then and soda tablespoon to strengthen effect of the washing substances. Even if on products there are small pollution, they will gradually disappear.

6. If you have dirty water which when heating turns yellow, previously filter it. Only after that wash light towels. It is necessary to do it manually. Otherwise will settle raid which badly is removed normal powder on fabric.

7. Hand over towels in dry-cleaner if at you it has not turned out to wash them in house conditions. Experts use professional tools which help to remove even the most permanent pollution.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team