How to concrete cellar ceiling

How to concrete cellar ceiling

So it was led that the cellar became integral part of any small-scale farming and construction as this underground room is the optimum place for long storage of stocks of vegetables, cans with various roll-in, kegs with sauerkraut and pickles.

Construction of cellar – very responsible procedure demanding certain skills. Building cellar, first of all it is necessary to remember that this important economic room is underground, and it means that its walls and ceiling have to be built and fixed in the most reliable way.

If walls of cellar can be put up by traditional method, having used, for example, classical brickwork and having strengthened it various props, then construction of ceiling (overlapping) of cellar demands special approach. Life of everyone who falls to cellar depends on quality of overlapping.

Construction of ceiling of cellar. Stage first

After walls are constructed and fixed in cellar, and floor is reliably concreted and insulated from hit of underground waters, it is possible to start construction of ceiling. First of all it is necessary to build reinforcing basis of future overlapping. For these purposes it is necessary to use only those materials which there will be enough durability to sustain the weight of heavy concrete slab. The reliable reinforcing basis can be made, for example, from metal water pipes or long metal rods. If the cellar quite volume and its length or width is more, than 3 meters, for structural strength it is necessary to use additional element – beam which is laid over cellar walls. The reinforcing basis should be done in the form of grid. For this purpose it is necessary to stack pipes or rods cross-wise so that cells of grid were no more than 10-15 centimeters on one of the parties. Among themselves reinforcing material needs to be fastened with wire or to carry out welding. If for structural strength the additional beam has been used, then armature should be attached or welded also on it.

Stage second. Timbering and filling by concrete

After the reliable reinforcing basis of future overlapping is built, it is necessary to make timbering which will hold liquid concrete before its full drying. The best timbering for works of this kind – the strong plywood sheets attached to the lower part of armature on all perimeter of the basement. Best of all to fix plywood to reinforcing basis thick wire which is brought to in advance drilled openings. Before filling in concrete, plywood sheets of timbering need to be propped up from below wooden bars. Concrete for filling of overlapping of the basement it is possible to mix on standard technology: on 100 kg of cement of M300 or M400 brand 300 kg of sand and 400 kg of crushed stone or gravel are necessary. For production of concrete mix there will quite be enough small concrete mixer. The timbering can be removed in two days after underpouring. After full drying of concrete slab (3-4 weeks), over it it is possible to fill layer of the earth or sand.

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