How to write the application in house management

How to write the application in house management

Features of communication with the enterprises which are serving housing and public utilities and not hurrying to solve voluntarily our problems force us to document each step. And the set of decisions on our addresses are accepted only on the basis of personal statement. The special form of such address does not exist therefore here it is necessary to be guided by the general rules of execution of official papers.


1. Make the statement in simple written form addressed to the head of management company. For this purpose take the sheet of office paper of A4 format and begin its filling with placement in the right top corner of details of the addressee and sender. At first specify position of the head and the name of the organization which he heads. Then his surname, name and middle name. Further report own full names and home address, without having forgotten to write the contact phone number. Specify the name of the document made by you in the center of the sheet - "Statement".

2. In substantial part of the statement describe problem which became the reason of your address. Besides, report the circumstances accompanying its emergence. Try to state the main point briefly, avoiding emotional estimates of occurring. Offer ways of solving the problem and opportunity (financial or other) your participation in mitigation of consequences of the arisen situation. Further, after word "I ask", list your requirements to the organization serving your house without forgetting to give references to articles of the law, confirming their justice.

3. In conclusion specify terms in which you suggest house management to solve your problem. Describe the measures undertaken now and planned in case of failure to follow your requirements and violation of terms. It can be the appeal to judicial authorities or to higher supervisory authorities. Sign the application and decipher the signature (surname and initials) in brackets, date.

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