Interior of the country house in the Scandinavian style: ideas of design

Interior of the country house in the Scandinavian style: ideas of design

The Scandinavian style became popular for interiors of city apartments long ago. But the laconic and simple design will successfully look also in country houses, and on seasonal dachas. For the successful decision it is necessary to remember the main features of the Scandinavian style.

Minimalist exterior

The style has to be sustained not only in interior, but also in exterior. The Scandinavian cottages – small, laconically issued. Exterior – are clean also tidy.

In color gamma of giving adhere to light and pastel shades, giving preference white, vanilla, grayish, light pink. Avoid large number of decorative elements on the site, including natural and vegetable. It is possible to be limited to one or two bushes or flower in clay pot. Leave more space, free space.

Outside it is also possible to issue zone for rest in style minimalism. It can be round gazebo, several plank beds under tree, sun beds. It will be successful to look hammock. Use textiles in the muffled tones which will be in harmony with basic color in which the house is painted. It is possible to use the textile products made manually with embroidery.

Decorative elements

As jewelry of interior finish it is possible to use old things which are stored in family already several generations. Though the Scandinavian style means the present, several parts in retro style will only emphasize the general design - for example, the picture in frame. 

The verandah painted in snow-white color will be decorated by old phone, small vases and figurines. The light color gamma will create effect of purity and will visually increase space. But white color should be diluted with other pastel shade.

The decorative installation made of improvised materials will relevant look. In this quality children's toys, garden pots, stock can act. It is so possible to store things conveniently, stylish and beautifully. The general color gamma of such products should not be beaten out from interior, but can become bright part. Will approach dark gray, burgundy, red.

Self-made subject of decor can be executed manually from tree. For example, supports from birch will successfully look. Especially well they will fit into interior in white tones where will look very naturally. You should not paint such hand-made articles – the more naturally the product, the better will look.

Interior parts

In light and spacious sitting room it is important to create cosiness. The small pillows which are accurately scattered on sofa will help with it. Textiles have to look home-style, perhaps, with hand embroidery or other jewelry. Also their texture plays important role – better to choose textured fabric, but not smooth materials.

In the Scandinavian interior classical elements appropriate look. In their quality the picture can perform with soft landscape, small porcelain figurine, candlestick from copper, old effective chandelier. So simplicity of interior will look really aristocratically and elegantly. The main thing not to overdo – the Scandinavian style does not tolerate redundancy.

All small parts of interior have to be in harmony with the common decision. Each trifle can spoil the thought-over style. Besides, consider as all accessories will look together. They have to form uniform ensemble. Glass is better not to combine with tree, and tree – with metal and so on.

Establish originally issued bench in corner of the living room. It will decorate interior and will add originality. As basis it is possible to use the normal wooden bench painted in light color. This self-made design will serve as shelf – place on it books in beautiful covers, vases, pictures, figurines to taste.

In kitchen it will be good the ethnic ceramics which is perhaps made with own hands. They have to be the simplest and laconic. Choose not striking colors and simple patterns, avoid diversity and awkwardness. Several small plateaus will decorate kitchen in the Scandinavian style.

Color gamma

The Scandinavian style gravitates to scope and light. In interiors white colors which I create effect of lightness prevail. White it is possible to dilute gentle-pink, golden, light brown.

You should not curtain large windows dense curtains. Ease and simplicity – the basic rules of design. Accents has to be a little – one red vase, flower in pot, the rooms elaborately placed on perimeter. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team