Landing of tulips in the fall: terms, rules, recommendations

Landing of tulips in the fall: terms, rules, recommendations

Fall – the best time for landing of tulips. If in September to give them to the earth, then almost all May of next year they will decorate the territory. It is necessary to find the optimum place for ornamental plants, it is correct to fill the soil, to plant bulbs on sufficient depth.

Grades of tulips

Those times when suburban sites, beds, the yards decorated only tulips of scarlet, crimson and yellow color have sunk Into oblivion. Now the market offers abundance of coloring, forms. Fringed grades are magnificent. Edges of flowers are decorated with soft fringe. This grade of tulips is put in the fall, as well as popugayny, then they will manage to take roots to frosts and to blossom next spring.

Too justify with Popugaynye the name. Each dismissed bud is similar to little motley bird. The lime, white, pink spot can be on one flower. Selectors have removed even liliaceous grades. These flowers are capable to enter into confusion of all who will see them as the opened bud very much reminds lily. Pionovidny justifies the name too, as well as terry. High, undersized, any tulips can be planted in the fall.

Choice of the place, gas station of the soil

After the planting stock is chosen and bought, it is necessary to define the place of future growth. In the lowland it is impossible to place bulbs categorically. There during winter thaw, spring flood water stands from what bulbs rot and perish. The best place – the flat site protected from cold winds, which is well warmed up by the sun. In shadowing the stalks of plant will be extended, and flowers will not have saturated color. For gas station of the soil it is better to use already ready fertilizer for bulbous. It can be brought under redigging or to put directly 0.5 tsps in each pole. If there is no ready fertilizer, mix: - 200 g of wood ashes; - 50 g of double superphosphate; - 30 g of sulfate of potassium; - 500 g of chalk or dolomite powder; - The 25th ammonium nitrate. This amount of fertilizers is calculated on 1 square meter of the territory. After you have dug up the soil on the chosen site, scatter the mixed fertilizers, close up them rake. Besides mineral, it is necessary to introduce organic fertilizers. On the same square meter add 2 buckets of the rerotting manure or the ripened compost. It is mixed with top soil by means of rake too. The soil begin preparation in 2-3 weeks prior to planting of flowers that she has managed to settle a little.

Terms, technology of landing

In the Midland the best term of landing of tulips the middle end of September, in the southern regions – is considered October. By this time soil at depth of 10 cm has to cool down to +10os. On the easy soil they are put on depth equal to three diameters of bulb, on heavy – to two. Make small sharp blade dredging of the necessary depth, lower bulb, fill up with the soil. Put at distance 10 cm from each other. From above to zamulchiruyta this site peat layer in 5 cm to exclude destruction by frost of planting stock in the winter. Beautifully circular landings look. On 1 square meter put not less than 50 pieces. In Holland on such site 100 bulbs of tulips in chessboard order have.

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