Matrikariya - summer snowflake

Matrikariya is often mentioned under other name - ""pyrethrum"". Externally flowers of this plant are similar to daisies and camomiles at the same time. There is set of types of matrikariya. As the most beautiful reckon plants with the terry flowers similar to snowflakes.


1. The main moment in care for matrikariya is the first crops. Development and blossoming of plant will depend on correctness of landing directly. Put pyrethrum seeds. Crops is carried out at the end of March. Originally the matrikariya should be grown up in room conditions. Seeds put in boxes or flowerpots.

2. The earth to which it is supposed to seed matrikariya seeds is powdered surely with peat, and after crops the capacity is covered with film. The first escapes appear in 10 days. The marikariya transfers changes quite easily. Young plants quickly take root in street conditions.

3. Pay attention that the matrikariya very much loves soils with the high content of alkalis. For this reason the place for landing of plant is abundant strew with ashes. At disembarkation it is necessary to leave small distance between saplings. The ideal option - 30 cm of Matrikariya grows at bushes therefore it needs additional free space.

4. Watering of matrikariya has to be moderate. The plant can transfer hot weather, but will not endure congestion of moisture. After blossoming it is better to remove the dried-up flowers and leaves.

5. With approach of the first frosts the bushes of matrikariya are completely cut off, and the bases are carefully filled up with dry foliage. With such protection it will be easier for plant to endure cold weather.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team