Reefs at the order of the house

Reefs at the order of the house

If you have decided to construct country house, it is necessary to know all reefs which you can face in the course of construction. Having chosen nonprofessional and irresponsible performers, you will even put the most ideal project of the house on the brink of collapse.

We separate grains from ryegrass

Today the services offer uncountable hordes of construction crews – however do not hurry to choose, having the minimum knowledge of construction. First of all, sort out what types of the bases exist how many concrete has to grab and what durability it will gain in week what is coefficient of thermal conductivity and resistance of heat transfer. Learn what is dew point how to prevent its emergence what components of pie of the warmed roof, what crossing is necessary when joining armature and so on.

Possessing similar knowledge, you will be able to elect competent workers with whom there will be opportunity to speak one language.

If you have decided to order construction of the house to free foremen and crews "from the street", remember that they will not bear any responsibility for result. Independent builders not especially try to observe terms and quality of performance of work though if you will be lucky, and you reveal shortcomings before the last payment of the fee, to you can and it will be possible to force them to correct defects. Otherwise it is necessary to fork up on additional expenses on elimination of subquality work.

We insure ourselves against deception

Before builders begin to execute your order, surely sign with them the contract with the most detailed preliminary specifications and the closed estimate. Globally paint and count all process to trifles. Some construction companies make cheaper estimate, increasing it by the end of construction by 30%-40%.

Today there are two main reefs – understating of volumes of construction and exception of the estimate of stages of works.

Usually the customer, choosing the company for construction of country house, that is guided by that how many he and that costs – who cheaper, and the builder. However it is necessary to remember that all companies make the estimate, based on the technologies, materials and complete set. The correct complete set has to include availability of the base, socle, socle overlappings, external walls, internal partitions, overlappings, roofs, vent stacks and flues, water waste system, finishing of socle and facades and also interfloor and entrance ladders. So, professionals recommend to hold the tender between several civil engineering firms and to make sure that their estimates contain overhead costs and costs of the equipment and mechanisms. Also check volumes of main types of works and sign the contract only with the organizations working on the closed estimate.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team