Small Japan: garden in the Japanese style

Small Japan: garden in the Japanese style

Landscaping in the Japanese style is based on symbolism, each part has to have the purpose and deep meaning. It is visually separated into two zones: in one transplant plants, establish stones and decorative elements, the second remains empty.

In the first zone place emphases on:

  • Reservoir, it is symbol of positive energy and wealth in Japan. It can be stream (river of our life), falls (symbol of human life), pond, fountain, the main thing – water presence. The their is more, the better, the pond can be filled with small fishes, falls and fountain murmur. On coast transplant hygrophilous plants.
  • Stone, eternity symbol, force and stability. All territory has to be under construction around stones. 
  • Footpaths which are symbol of course of life, and bridges - symbol of obstacles and barriers which are overcome every day. Presence of moss, for creation of impression about antiquity and mysteriousness is obligatory. It is remarkable that the bridge has to be made of valuable breeds of tree that, standing on it, to think of the supreme values.
  • Plants, sources of life and changes. Evergreen coniferous breeds are suitable for the Japanese garden. And any garden will not do without Oriental cherry, it is important part of garden in the Japanese style and has to be located in a visible place. Also the weeping willow, obedience symbol, maple – symbol of wisdom and bamboo – aspiration symbol will be relevant forward. Plants have to be gray, brown or green colors. Japanese often obstrigat trees, giving them the semicircular form as sky symbol. From flowers it is possible to plant chrysanthemums, irises and peonies. 

During creation of the Japanese garden it is important to use the principle of inequality. There should not be symmetry. For relief it is possible to use small pebble, sand, stones. Create mountain top in garden, having established one big and extended stone vertically, and build by means of stones less slopes around. 

Decorate the territory of garden with decor elements, low small fences, sculptures, pagodas, lamps, gazebos, fences from bamboo. The special bowl for ablution will be important element, and around it spread black stones. All this symbolizes purity and purity. You should not forget also about the benches and gate obligatory for the Japanese garden. Hide the place of privacy from public eyes by means of coniferous plants.

Japanese are mad about symbols and it is worth studying carefully symbolics during creation of the Japanese garden.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team