Solvent 646: properties, application, safety measures

Solvent 646: properties, application, safety measures

Solvents are used for degreasing of surfaces before pasting or coloring, cultivations of paint and varnish products to the necessary consistence and removal of old paint. Solvent 646 - one of the most popular and demanded on this segment of the construction market.

Characteristic of solvent 646

Solvent 646 represents mix of volatile organic compounds and looks as colourless or slightly yellowish liquid with characteristic smell. 6 components, including, ethanol, toluene, acetone, butanol are its part. Originally solvent 646 intended for dissolution and removal of nitropaints and nitrolacquers. The complexity has made it universal remedy as it allows to interact with many types of paints and varnishes: gliftalevy, acrylic, epoxy, nitrocellulose, melaninoamidny.

Range of application

Use of solvent 646 for cultivation of paint to working viscosity gives to the painted surface special gloss. Varnishes and enamels to which this solvent is added form on the processed surface qualitative protective film with beautiful gloss. After drying, solvent evaporates, without leaving smell on the processed product. At cultivation of paints, varnishes and putties solvent needs to be added in the small portions, according to the recommendations of the producer, carefully mixing the received structure.

The old dried-up paint can be made suitable for use by means of solvent 646

Except cultivation of paints and varnishes, solvent 646 is used for cleaning of the construction and painting tool of paint and also removal of spots from various surfaces. Considering high chemical activity, it is necessary to apply solvent on surface with care not to damage base layer of paint.

It is sometimes reasonable to dilute solvent with 646 weaker means.

Safety measures

It is possible to buy solvent 646 in any construction market or in shop of household chemicals. The broad spectrum of activity, availability and the low price have made this means very demanded, however during the work with it it is necessary to follow some safety rules. As solvent 646 is flammable flying liquid, its storage and transportation demands extra care. It is necessary to store this solvent in hermetically closed container, far from heat sources, in the place protected from direct sunshine. Vapors of solvent are toxic therefore at its use it is necessary to provide good ventilation indoors. For protection of hands during the work with solvent rubber gloves, for protection of airways – respirator are required. At hit of solvent on skin it is necessary to wash away at once it warm water with soap.

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