Technology of laying: stone blocks the hands

Technology of laying: stone blocks the hands

During creation of pedestrian paths it is enough to lay stone blocks on the prepared basis from gravel and sand. If you construct site for journey of motor transport, it will be necessary to use crushed stone and cement and sand mix.

Laying of stone blocks for pedestrian path

Before laying of stone blocks do marking of future path by means of rope and pegs then make dredging. That rain water did not form on pool covering, the basis has to have bias about 1.5 cm by 1 m. Then soil is condensed by means of electric or pneumatic rammer.

On the basis fill gravel of binding or crushed stone about 10 cm thick, at the same time it is desirable to use material with fraction of 20-40 mm. Before charge recommend to spread geotextiles to prevent deformation of road level.

It is possible to do without such crushed-stone pillow only if the surface is enclosed against weather, for example, at floor construction in gazebo. After that stack borders on cement and sand solution. The ratio of sand and cement in it has to be 3:1. In a day do sandy pillow about 10 cm thick. At the same time it is necessary to use bank sand in which there is no clay. After alignment it it is necessary it is abundant to water and condense. Then begin to stack stone blocks according to the chosen drawing, taping it rubber mall. In case of need bars can be sawn by means of the Bulgarian with diamond disk. When the path is finished, it is condensed with vibrosaw, for this purpose it is necessary to use the special rubberized basis not to damage path surface. Then it is strewed from above with clean fine-grained sand, it has to fill all slots and fasten stone blocks. Surplus washes away weak water jet so that sand was not washed away from seams. It is desirable to process once again after that surface vibrosaw.

Construction of platforms for passenger vehicles

During creation of such platforms do crushed-stone pillow 15-20 cm thick of stone blocks, at the same time layer of sand has to be not less than 15 cm. After its moistening and consolidation fill the dry cement and sand mix prepared in the ratio 6:1. Layer thickness — 4-5 cm, stack stone blocks which then is condensed on it. Surface it is abundant water that mix from cement and sand has hardened, repeatedly it is not stamped. Stacking stone blocks on site for journey and the parking of transport, it is better to use vibrosaw or the mechanized trambovatel, in this case will be not enough punner.

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