Water treatment from well

Water treatment from well

In the absence of the centralized water supply on the seasonal dacha or in country house many owners use well water. Therefore water quality in well is of great importance. That it remained high, the well needs to be cleaned periodically.

When the well needs cleaning

As, unlike wells, water in well not artesian, and arrives from water-bearing strata of soil, it is necessary to make its cleaning each 2-3 years, even when external signs of pollution are not observed. Cleaning of its walls and replacement of the natural filter substrate is at the bottom necessary as the preventive measure preventing infection with fungus and excessive zailennost.

Signs on which the well needs unplanned cleaning is the small suspension which has appeared in water. The turbidity can demonstrate that seams of walls have rubbed tightness or the ground filter does not cope with purification of the water arriving from below any more. When the well is dug on unstable soil that provokes rise in level of bottom, it needs also to be cleaned and deepened. In well there can be also clay deposits demonstrating that the clay lock which is done around head can be destroyed. If this is so, well it is necessary to clean and reconstruct the clay lock.

Change of color of water also has to become the alarm reason as blackening can demonstrate that the organic chemistry has got to well, and rotting process has begun; emergence of greenish shade – about reproduction of seaweed and microorganisms; yellowish – penetration into ground waters of large amount of ferruterous impurity. Emergence of unpleasant taste and smell has to become occasion to attend to purity of water in well also.

And here abatement of the water level in well most often is not sign of pollution, most likely, it is connected with seasonal variations or change of level of underground water.

Technique of cleaning of well

Even if the mouth of well is always closed by the cover which is specially made by its size, it does not exclude hit in organic chemistry and bacteria, the slime covering its walls is consequence of what. Besides, at the bottom of this hydraulic engineering construction, silt and accidentally got garbage accumulates. Before cleaning the well needs to be drained by means of the powerful pump or pump. Then mechanical cleaning of walls by means of special scrapers and brushes is made, but at the same time it is impossible to use any chemical means which then can get to water. The cleaned walls need to be processed disinfecting structures. After that delete garbage and silt from bottom, close up everything formed within the walls of crack, check seams and joints, pressurize them. On concrete rings establish the fastening brackets preventing their shift relatively each other. On completion phase it is necessary to replace the ground filter which is binding gravel 15-20 cm thick. Recently for cleaning and filtration began to use the natural adsorbing materials: zeolite, shungit which are washed out and keep within previously over the ground filter layer more than 20 cm thick.

Adsorbent can be put and without pumping out water from well, having just poured out it on bottom. After that it is impossible to use well 3 days until the suspension settles.

Disinfection of water in well

On it process of purification of well water does not come to an end. After the well is cleaned and reconstructed, it is necessary to disinfect water in it. It is necessary to disinfect water 20% solution of the chloric lime divorced in cold water that flying molecules of chlorine did not evaporate. Solution needs to settle, then it is filtered and process it walls and bottom of well by means of the brush strengthened long-handled. After the well after cleaning is filled with water again, disinfection needs to be repeated. For this purpose solution of chloric lime is poured out in well and mix in it water by means of pole. Water in well has to stand about day that all microorganisms which have remained in well have been killed. Then water is pumped out and merged as to use it neither for drink, nor for watering it is impossible. After filling of well with water it is necessary to try water if the bleaching powder smell still remained, it should be pumped out once again. The water coming to the house from well needs to be processed in addition chlorine to prevent infection. Concentration of chlorine in well water has to make 1% therefore calculate water volume in well and add to it necessary amount of chlorine. For constant disinfection of water in well it is possible to use chlorine cartridges which are applied to disinfecting of water in private pools of country houses. It is the porous ceramic capacity having cylindricity which once a month is loaded with the next portion of hypochloride of calcium or chloric lime. The boss falls to well and is dosed emits chlorine in water, without allowing to breed putrefactive bacteria. If you condition water thus, it will be possible to clean well much less often. As the composition of the ground waters feeding well is changeable, regularly do the analysis of its chemical composition to make sure of quality of that water which you drink.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team