We choose material for finishing of floor in the bathroom

We choose material for finishing of floor in the bathroom

The bathroom - the special place in the house. Certain requirements are imposed to it. And swore at the choice for finishing of floor has to be very careful, it "is pleasant" not to be based only on or "it is not pleasant".

What requirements are imposed to material for finishing of floor in the bathroom

Moisture resistance

This key requirement for all finishing materials for the bathroom. It is obvious that because of constant humidity in the course of washing or washing, it is impossible to use not moisture resistant materials - nobody will sustain need to constantly change pokorobivshiyeeya covering.

Resistance to temperature drops

Someone takes hot bath, someone prefers cool shower. Such temperature drops at high air humidity are harmful to many materials.


This criterion, in my opinion, is obvious. In the bathroom we spend much time therefore this room has to be cozy, please the owner of the apartment and all its house.

What materials can be used for finishing of floor in the bathroom 


If you choose linoleum on the basis of PVC, the covering will please with long time of service, the affordable price. And still it is simple in laying and operation. Such covering is issued in sufficient range of designs that persons interested to make the budgetary repair have picked up to themselves suitable option.


It is not the best choice. Even moisture resistant laminate will not keep ideal exterior at constant surplus of water on floor and in air (for this reason more efforts for cleaning of the bathroom will be required). One more lack of such covering - the off-budget price of moisture resistant options.


The tile became genre classics for a long time. At the correct laying and the accurate address it serves very long. The range of the prices of tile is very big - from quite budgetary options to expensive and elite, executed and painted manually. When choosing tile for floor pay attention to that the surface of tiles was non-skid.

Porcelain tile

Already many are informed on durability and esthetics of porcelain tile, the truth is covering is still expensive. Porcelain tile vlagoustoychiv, can keep fine exterior very much and very long.

Bulk floor

It is one more material perfectly suitable for finishing of the bathroom. Besides durability and moisture-proofness, bulk floor allows to show individual taste (even too original) in design of the room. Minus bulk floor the same, as above - it is not suitable for the budgetary repair.

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