Welding machines, types, carrying out welding

Welding machines, types, carrying out welding

On building it is impossible to do without welding machine, it is necessary for connection of metal pipes and designs. Devices for welding happen different types and designs.

The choice of the welding machine for the house and the dacha

Electric welding allows to connect quickly and reliably metals to minimum of expenses. Also it is used as plazmorez, by means of welding it is possible to cut metal in the most hard-to-reach spots. Such unit – the great help on the seasonal dacha or in owner-occupied dwelling to use it, is not obligatory to be the professional welder. It is possible to pick up the most suitable device having learned their main types and characteristics.

Transformer. This welding machine has the simplest principle of work. It reduces alternating current voltage and uses it for creation of arch. By means of the transformer carry out butt-seam welding and welding with an overlap. Such technology of welding is one of the most widespread during the work with ferrous metals.

The main lack of this method is strong spraying of metal and formation of the slag worsening quality of seams. Welding rectifiers. Diode devices for welding transform alternating current to constant. It allows to perform welding most qualitatively, to minimize spraying of materials, to provide deep penetration. Such device gives the chance to work with aluminum. Welding inverters. Such device works by the following principle: alternating current passes through the rectifier and will be transformed to constant. Then thanks to the invertor block the direct current becomes alternating again, but with high frequency. Further through the following series of changes it turns into direct current of big power.

During operating time with welding it is necessary to use face mask.

Inverters allow to carry out work with ferrous and non-ferrous metals, thin plates of metal, to create exact hermetic seams. Such equipment is not susceptible to differences of line voltage, it has high efficiency.

Types of welding

Welding separates by the form the energy used in process into thermal, thermodynamic and mechanical. Arc – fusion welding by means of electric arc belongs to thermal. Gas – welding with use of flame of gas. Electroslag – use of warmth of electric current.

The clothes of the welder have to be made of the rubberized material, tarpaulin, skin.

The thermomechanical look includes induction welding with use of pressure when for heating use electric current. Also diffusive welding – works with use of pressure at mutual diffusion of atoms belongs to this class at high temperature. To mechanical welding cold – work with pressure treats without heating. Here also welding by explosion, ultrasonic welding, friction welding is included.

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