What are grades of cyclamens

What are grades of cyclamens

The name of flower with the beautiful and gentle lobes reminding whether flock of the flitting butterflies, whether cock combs comes from the Greek word "" κυκλος "" that in translation means "circle". The plant has received the name thanks to klubenk of round shape.

In the nature there are several types of cyclamens, but in room floriculture generally grow up 3 views. Are most widespread cyclamen Persian, European and plyushchelistny.

Persian cyclamen

 Grassy krasivotsvetushchy plant with the spherical flat tuber having up to 15 cm diameter. There are several hundreds of grades of cyclamen of this look therefore follows will dwell only upon several.

Modern grades of cyclamen Persian cultivate from hybrids with flowers of pink, red and white color.

Flowers of cyclamen of grade of Apple — large rose-white shade, with dark peephole. At the edges of lobes strip of white color. The plant has very interesting coloring of leaf with the marble drawing. Charlie is grade with large snow-white flowers. The size of peduncle reaches 20 cm. Pink flowers with fringed edge, grades, very gentle and fragrant at cyclamen, Morning. And at hybrid under the name the Pink carousel incredibly large flowers of gentle-pink shade, and lobes are not unbent up, and have the cup-shaped form, besides the main flower is bordered by striped bracts.

Tiny grades also occur among types of cyclamen Persian. The extent of colors does not exceed 10 centimeters. Special attention Red grade deserves, its tiny flowers of dark red shade with gentle pleasant aroma remind charming butterflies.

European cyclamen

 This plant differs from cyclamen Persian in leathery leaves of heart-shaped form about 2-4 cm in the diameter. The tuber has the extended form, and backs are located on all its surface. There are a few grades of this cyclamen, from them it is possible to allocate Green Ice and Winter-ice.

The cyclamen European blossoms small fragrant flowers length which is not exceeding 2 cm.

Plyushchelistny cyclamen

In our country the cyclamen of this look is often called Neapolitan. This plant with interesting leaves with marble pattern and white, pink or red flowers. Scarlet moth — the Neapolitan cyclamen with bright red flowers of the average size, the grade cyclamen the Spring moth, but shade of its lobes pinkish-lilac almost white with bright pink peephole has the similar form. Blossoms very beautifully and magnificently.

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